SOR Ultimate Bundle

Sounds of Revolution Ultimate Bundle

234,95 € (incl. VAT) / Regular Price: 1172,95 €

Top-rated/awarded samples of SOR
Save over 80% compared to individual purchases
More than 46 GB and over 32500 Samples
The bundled lineup is subject to change without notice
Updated regularly

24-bit WAV
Rex & Apple Loops
EXS24 & Kontakt sampler patches etc.
MIDI Files
Depends on the product

This is the best offering from SOUNDS OF REVOLUTION!

Save over 80% compared to individual purchases and get 46+ GB of content and 32500+ sounds!

SOR is mostly known for his high-end sample series, it’s probably safe to say that numerous musicians worldwide already got the special SOR touch on their hard drives, ready to be infused into the latest dancefloor smashers. Using top-shelve (analog) sound generators in conjunction with extensive post-processing is doing the magic here. Oliver’s expertise in samples makes these fit into virtually any track in no time. As with all SOR releases, every element was expertly tweaked for maximum sonic integrity.

The SOR Ultimate Bundle is a distinctive and valuable addition to any electronic music producer. It showcases how meticulous attention to detail can result in a unique and creative product.

Spice up Techno, Minimal, Melodic House/Techno, Tech House, Deep House, Dub Techno, and much more with this gem.

This comprehensive collection will inspire you for years to come.

To view all Demo Songs please see individual product links.

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Yum Audio Extractor / Top Loop
organic loops
sor techno sample pack
female UK speaker
uk native speaker samples
collection of melodic techno loops and field recordings
Techno Samples and Loops
pack of melodic techno loops and drums
Yum Audio Extractor
melodic techno samples
melodic house loops and oneshots
Techno Sample Pack
Sounds of Revolution Sample Pack for minimal techno producer
Toploops Sample Pack by Sounds of Revolution
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native uk female speaker
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Sample Pack with Noise Sounds by SOR
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Massive Sample Pack for Techno Producers
hat and top loops
Analogue Bassdrums
Sample Pack with Transformer Sounds
Massive Sample Pack by Sound of Revolution for Techno Production
Noise and Strange Sample Pack by Sounds of Revolution
Noise Loops by Sounds of Revolution
Sample Pack with 600 toploops
Toploops by Sounds of Revolution
Noise and FX Sample Pack by Sounds of Revolution
Effect Sounds
Techno Noise Loop Sample Pack
Analogue Kickdrums - Sample Pack
Sample Pack with Tribal Samples
Sample Pack with 2100 Loops and Oneshots
Sample Pack with strange techno loops
Sample Pack with unique kick free loops
Sample Pack for EDM, Dance and Club Music

If the following is not ‘convincing’, please take a look at my complete review compilation. However, you need to bring some time. 😉


Music BlogSoundBytes
Sounds Of Revolution Ultimate Bundle is a 28000-strong collection of samples Oliver Schmitt has created over the years. It includes 33 titles and 39+ GB of sampling materials that will forever be inexhaustible. You’ll get plenty of loops and one-shots, along with sampler patches that were expertly made by SOR. Although this bundle is mainly for electronic and dance music producers and musicians, there is a high versatility of content here. What can I say?! Great titles, great well-recorded samples that were processed properly at a very attractive price. This is a no-brainer. Ultimate Bundle is an instabuy.

music production print magazine from ukSound on Sound:
Although the price of the ultimate bundle seems high at first, dividing the figure by the number of libraries reveals that it is actually pretty good value. It may only deal with dance music, but it is not limited to just one sub-set of dance, and because Oliver created the samples over many years, they make a rather satisfyingly eclectic bundle. Rating: 4/5


trance music producerDJ Tiesto:
Again sounds of revolution brings us an excellent sample library. Very usable to get things on the tracks quickly with a wide variety of kicks, loops and synths but also stacked with loads of creative elements to finetune any production!
german trance and ambient producersBlank & Jones:
[…] Even the kick free loops are not just low cutted, they are just programmed without the Kick, leaving the sound spectrum untouched! This gives you much more opportunities and they are fitting perfectly into your sound context.
cosmic gate producerNic Chagall:
[…] marks a new milestone in sound design. It´s the most inspiring sample cd I have ever encountered! […] CR1 is so much better than the standard sample libraries with their boring ripped content and it rocks in ways that other developers can only dream of.
techno producer and djTimo Maas:
I have to say very cool library! All the sounds are very well recorded and manipulated. Other products sometimes are too “clear”…you use cool distortions/chorus/eventide effects, etc…..also the kicks are super fat!
techno producerStefan Bodzin:
All the stuff beyond the kick is to find here!! up2date-loops that will push your production to the pro-level. innovative ideas & a very sophisticated sound design make this one a secret weapon. TIP

German Print Magazine for MusiciansBEAT Magazine Germany (about Hats & Tops Bundle)
The three-part Hats and Tops bundle is a 622 MB sound collection specializing in crisp percussive sound material. The 325 top loops, which vary in tempo between 124-127 BPM, do without kick drums altogether but are sophisticated and varied. From overtone-rich filtered percussion including hissing hi-hats to transient-rich claps with subtle delays, the selection is very large. As a bonus, the package Prime Kicks 2 with juicy bass drums is included. The bass drums show their charm and enormous power, particularly with the layered kicks. The analog kicks and break kicks are also very impressive. A big plus of this sound collection, besides the kickdrum pack, is that it offers cross-genre drums for electronic music that works for House, Tech-House, Techno, Electro, or Minimal equally well.
BEAT-MUST-HAVE 01/2021  >>> Verdict: 6/6

magazine about music from UKFuture Music UK:
…no stone has been left unturned in Schmitt’s hunt for the best Electro House sounds. […] this disc has plenty of quality sounds
Rating: 10/10
online magazine for house and edm music productionAttack Magazine:
One of the biggest compliments I can pay Transformation is that there are hundreds of sounds here I wouldn’t even know how to start recreating from scratch. This pack contains some incredibly complex sound design; yes there are elements of found sound and field recordings, but this is augmented by synthesis and some deep and clever processing. Rating: 4/5
Ask Audio MagazineAskAudio Magazine:
Think pneumatic battle armor, complex motion sequences, 22nd-century electromagnetic flyovers, and close-up recordings of hate bots and you’ll get the idea… This is a great library well worth the price and then some.
electronic music magazineComputer Music UK:
The standard of production here is absolutely first-class, and while the stylistic focus is often dark, dirty, and gritty, this fine library will prove its worth to any dance music producer.
Rating: 10/10
music recording print magazine from UKMusic Tech Magazine UK:
An essential toolkit for anyone writing electronic music.
Rating: 10/10 plus the Music Tech Excellence Award
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