Abstract and Weird Vol.2

Noise and Strange Sample Pack by Sounds of Revolution

200 Loops (127 bpm)
384 MB total content

24-bit WAV Stereo
REX Loops (Stylus RMX ready)
EXS24 & Kontakt 4 Patches.

19.95 € (incl. VAT)

Here’s the second episode of ‘Abstract & Weird’, again programmed by Oliver Schmitt aka Sounds of Revolution. As with Volume 1, this collection is loaded with otherworldly FX, atmospherics, peculiar elements and all kinds of twisted and heavily processed sounds that can give your production that certain flair or character. These loops aren’t just for sonic experimentalists, though, as they’re ideal for all four-to-the-floor genres, including minimal, electro, trance and house of any flavour.

It’s varied, fresh and massively inspiring, and equally great for creating ear-catching drops or layering with more traditional beats. All loops leave enough space for your own creative ideas to flourish – in fact, your eagerness to experiment might well be encouraged.

All loops are at 127bpm for easy integration into common electronic genres, and all are available in the most popular sampler formats.



Reviews by Artists & Press

RW Computer Music 102Computer Music UK
This weird and wonderful pack comrises 200 loops at 127bpm in various formats including WAV, REX files and sampler patches. There’s plenty of phasing, flanging, filtering, extreme EQ and distortion going on, resulting in loops with unique timbres and feels. It’s as slick as you’d expect from Sounds of Revolution. Take a listen to the demo before you invest, as it’s an acquired taste. 7/10

RW Atjazz 102Atjazz
The stranger the better, no boundaries sample pack and no specific genre. This pack allows the user to go wild and re-sample. I personally really enjoy using this as part of my bank of sounds. Very interesting & very usable. Wonky, wobbly & wonderful. Rating: 8/10

RW Wusik 102Wusik Sound Magazine
This is not a collection that is going to provide your full rhythm track, but rather the perfect sort of thing if you want to add a distinctive edge to your existing beats. Rating: 9/10

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