FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

May I get the MIDI Files of the mp3 demos you provide?
All melodies used in our mp3 demos are copyrighted. Due to that, they must not be used otherwise (e. g. in your own production) and are therefore not made available in MIDI format.

Do I get a special price when buying more than one soundset?
We take great care to offer the best value for the money. Please keep in mind that after all it’s your money which keeps us going and enables us to prepare even greater products for you. Of course, we don’t forget to thank our loyal customers with bundle offers and special discount periods. In short: visiting SOR on a regular basis as well as subscribing to our newsletter is the best way to keep up with special offers saving you a couple of bucks!

Do you program/recreate a specific sound for me?
We’re working hard to incorporate a huge variety of sounds in each product, paying special attention to the latest & greatest sounds of dance charts etc. Since this is a demanding job, we sadly can’t create individual patches upon request. However, you’ll for sure find many sounds meeting your personal taste just by listening to our demo mp3s!

May I use your sounds in my own production?
Absolutely yes – that’s what they were made for! Upon legal purchase of an SOR product you obtain the right to use its content in your production. We’re very happy to hear our product incorporated into a track making it to e. g. the beatport top10 charts!

May my collaborators or otherwise related colleagues use the sounds once I’ve bought them?
Each product is sold as a single license and may therefore only be used directly by the person who purchased it.