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In the Studio with Oliver Schmitt aka SOR - Komplete Kontrol

Oliver Schmitt is the sound designer and mastermind behind Sounds of Revolution.  In search of the latest and greatest sounds of tomorrow, he works hard to make the slogan „Quality Made in Germany“ shine.

With more than three decades of sound design experience and nowadays mostly known for his high-end sample series, it’s probably safe to say that numerous musicians worldwide already got the special SOR touch on their hard drives, ready to be infused into the latest dancefloor smashers.

He uses top-shelf (analogue) gear and plugins to produce highly creative samples with skilled attention to detail Sounds of Revolution is best known for. Equally important he’s leaving room for your taste by including dry/wet effect versions and loop variations to kickstart your inspiration.

But don’t you get it wrong: VST plugin cooperations, synthesizer patches, and some intriguing upcoming projects are just as much worth a try! In addition, he offers personal production advice and discusses his favorite plugins on his well-known blog.

Besides this shameless self-advertising, Oliver doesn’t fear critical public feedback: be it press articles, interviews, reviews by the „heavyweights of the music business“ or discussion platforms on the web – SOR has come a long and hard-earned way to meet your every need as a producer of electronic music. If you are into Techno, Minimal, Melodic House/Techno, Deep/Tech House, or Dub Techno you should keep his work on your radar.

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In the summer of 2011, Sounds of Revolution and CFA-Sound launched the new sound label, shop, and distribution platform Resonance Sound. They combined their expertise to produce the latest sample packs and sounds. After taking that action, Resonance Sound became the exclusive distributor of their own sound labels. Furthermore, in 2014, they collaborated with the D16 Group to create the highly acclaimed bass drum synthesizer known as “PunchBOX”.

PunchBOX is a virtual instrument that combines everything you need for assertive kicks: A virtual analog drum engine, three sample slots for layering, as well as bitcrusher, distortion, filter, and equalizer to prepare the kicks perfectly for the mix

Bassdrum Synth

Oliver Schmitt is also highly valued for his collaborations with Steinberg, Arturia, reFX, Xfer Records, Twisted Tools, Magix, Yum Audio, and D16 Group – to name just a few.

Although some of his sound design work is protected by NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement), you can be sure to find unique samples made by Sounds of Revolution in many popular instruments and DAWs. So take a look, have a listen – get infected, feel inspired – Sounds of Revolution are coming up!

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Oliver Schmitt has been featured and interviewed in several magazines and blogs. Take a look at some selected items (in English and German):

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