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SOR is a German-based award-winning sound design company. These products have received critically acclaimed reviews from both national
and international music magazines, the press, and artists. Expect uncompromising, professional sonic quality – royalty-free!
In addition, he offers personal production advice and discusses his favorite plugins on his BLOG.

Featured Products

  • [...] and once again I’m blown away by Oliver Schmitt’s sound design skills.

    Soundbytes Magazine
    Soundbytes Magazine Online Music Production Blog
  • This is the material dance floor hits are made of. You need this sound pack in your weapon box! This will make you legend!

    Keith Shocklee
    Keith Shocklee House Producer
  • PunchBox, is one of the best kick drum synthesis instruments I have come across. The combination of built in synthesis and vast factory samples, allow you to make almost any kick drum imaginable, absolutely incredible!

    Richard Dievine
    Richard Dievine Sounddesigner
  • An excellent follow up of the Kick Free Volume 1 set. Easy to fit in any production because it has everything ranging from tight and dry hihat loops to creative beats with effects, clicks, percussive sounds and extreme beats.

    DJ Tiesto
    DJ Tiesto Artist, DJ & Music Producer
  • Once again, Schmitt has crafted a stunningly produced example of cutting-edge electronica. This is a large and well thought-out library packed with immaculate engineering and club-ready sounds. Rating: 9/10 + MusicTech Choice Award

    Music Tech Magazine UK
    Music Tech Magazine UK Music Production Magazine
  • [...] Oliver is a master of his craft and although he’s created some killer loops he has also left enough scope for the you to further edit, glitch ,stutter smash and mangle which is exactly what you want from a good sample pack. Rating: 10/10

    Bang The DJ
    Bang The DJ Online Music Production Blog
  • The deepest and most complete Synth FX library we've ever heard. Recommended indeed.

    Music Tech Magazine UK
    Music Tech Magazine UK Music Production Magazine
  • Oliver Schmitt is a man driven by a passion. Just like Deadmau5, he knows the art of creating drum loops [...] I marvel at the cunning steeped in this collection [...] The usage of tonal elements is very clever...Rating: AWARD!

    Plughugger Online Music Production Blog
  • This sample pack is a serious contender for the best hard dance sample CD we've ever heard.

    Computer Music UK
    Computer Music UK Music Production Magazine
  • Very well put togheter collection of usable loops, will defenatly incoporate some of them in my production!

    Adam Beyer
    Adam Beyer Techno DJ & Producer
  • An essential toolkit for anyone writing electronic music. 10/10 plus the Music Tech Excellence Award

    Music Tech Magazine UK
    Music Tech Magazine UK Music Production Magazine
  • Schmitt’s usual talent for creative and futuristic sounding programming continues here in abundance. All the sounds and production are absolutely current sounding and genre appropriate. [...] it is clear that Sounds of Revolution are aiming for the top. Rating: 10/10

    Waveformless Online Music Production Blog
  • ...delicately put together and brilliant for adding polish to productions.

    Jonathan Grant (Above & Beyond)
    Jonathan Grant (Above & Beyond) DJ & Music Producer
  • ou really get inspired by the grooves. It´s a high quality production, it dosn´t matter what style you like, techno or house etc.., it´s perfect to get a new idea.

    Tiefschwarz & Santè
    Tiefschwarz & Santè DJ & Music Production Duo
  • ...no stone has been left unturned in Schmitt’s hunt for the best Electro House sounds. [...] this disc has plenty of quality sounds. Rating: 10/10

    Future Music UK
    Future Music UK Music Production Magazine
  • Dude the SOR patches are fucking spectacular. I didn’t know my JP-8000 and Virus could make sounds that good. Honestly, no joke: They are the baddest ass patches I’ve ever heard for those synths. THANK YOU MAN!

    BT Music Producer
  • There are also over 300 kick-free loops [...], making this a great disc for bolstering your top end and adding flavour. [...] the quality is top notch. Rating: 10/10

    Computer Music UK
    Computer Music UK Music Production Magazine
  • [...] Even the kick free loops are not just low cutted, they are just programmed without the Kick, leaving the sound spectrum untouched! This gives you much more opportunities and they are fitting perfectly into your sound context.

    Black & Jones
    Black & Jones DJ & Music Producers
  • This is of the best collection of kick-free loops I've heard in a long long time. [...] I can't think of anything better than MTR1 right now. The skills of Oliver Schmitt when it comes to drum loops are considerable and he truly masters the art of creating sparse and highly intelligent loops that both inspires and leaves room for your own drum sounds.

    Plughugger Online Music Production Blog
  • The SOR soundsets are simply amazing. Lots of depth to each sound. I highly recommend it. I especially love them for their versatility. Whether you use them for upfront leads, basses or for textures, these sounds are all spot on. Coldharbour approved!

    Markus Schulz
    Markus Schulz Trance DJ & Producer


Over 2 GB exclusive free
samples for house, minimal and techno!

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  • Xfer Records (USA)
  • Black Octopus (Canada)
  • Warp Academy (Canada)
  • Audioplugin Deals (USA)
  • ProducerDJ (USA)
  • Smartsound LLC (USA)


  • Resonance Sound (Germany)
  • Best Service (Germany)
  • Loopmasters (UK)
  • PluginBoutique (UK)
  • Polarity Studio (Greece)
  • Producerloops (UK)
  • VST Buzz (Ireland)


  • Crypton (Japan)
  • Sonicwire (Japan)
  • ADSR (Hong Kong)
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