Organic Dub Techno

dub techno sample pack

2,72 GB content in total
7 full Demo Stems (101 files)
plus 1015 Samples (864 Loops & 151 Oneshots)
Sorted incl Key
All Loops/Stems 124 BPM

24-bit WAV Stereo

34.95 € (incl. VAT)

Sound of Revolution is back with a bang! This one’s all-organic and sustainable for Techno producers all over the world. Organic Dub Techno is a massive sample pack with 2,72 GB total content (864 loops and 151 one-shots) plus 7 unique Stems for Dub Techno, Minimal, Techno, and Dub-influenced House producers.

To elevate the level of convenience, and chances to learn and dissect “how the pros are doing it” you will also find stems of the entire demo track included. Slice, dice, mix, remix, effect-mangle these and see where it takes you! For maximum flexibility the 7 Demo Parts include up to 20 single stems, allowing for countless combinations and re-arrangements. It was never easier to get started!

And surely there’s even more: SOR delivers the usual whatnots you’d expect – a huge amount of unique dub techno loops & one-shots – 1015 Samples in total! These cover deep percussion, analogue effects, awesome guitars, and unique field recordings with loads of noise & atmos to add that lovely “dirt” to your track. Atmospheric pads, alive tape delays, unique synthloops, fascinating arpeggios, organic live recordings, experimental sounds and so much more are waiting to be discovered. To finish it off, atmospheric reverbs, and evolving, ethereal pad loops featuring both the grit of live field recordings and the musicality of more conventional sounds are at your fingertips just as much.

Once more, SOR routinely routed these through top-shelf (analogue) gear and plugins to create this unique collection. A collection full of detailed samples Sounds of Revolution is best known for.

Needless to say, everything is well sorted into suitable categories and shows the root key (if applicable) for convenience. Equally important we’re leaving room for your own taste by including dry/wet effect versions and loop variations to kickstart your inspiration.


020 Atmos
100 Bass Loop
023 Click Loop
067 Drums (Clap+Snare, Crash, Fragment, Hat, Perc, Perc Analog)
060 Effect (Analog FX, Hit, Oneshot)

067 Experimental Loop
023 Guitar Loop
095 Hat Loop
029 Kick Loop (incl Root Note)
041 KIT Loop
018 Noise Loop
062 Pad Loop

004 Pad Oneshot
096 Perc Loop
017 Ride Loop
157 Synth Loop
072 Top Loop
059 Top FX Loop
005 Vocal Loop



German Print Magazine for MusiciansBeat Magazine
SOR Organic Dub Techno is a 2.7 GB sample colossus consisting of 864 loops at 124 BPM and 151 one-shots, including atmos (20), basses (100), guitars (23), clicks (23), synths (157), and pads (62), as well as drums with and without kick and optionally with or without effects. A selection of individual samples with drums, pads, and effects is provided. Particularly noteworthy, however, are the seven demo songs, whose tracks have been broken down into individual stems so that you can quickly build your own arrangements around them. The dry kicks have plenty of punch, as does the bass material, even if they sometimes sound too sub-heavy. The experimental loops provide plenty of glitch and whisked effects. Verdict: The combination of organic live recordings and synthetic elements is very well done, so you can expect not only machine-like Deep Techno, but also a dynamic humanistic vibe.
Verdict: 6/6

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