Particles Bundle

melodic techno loops and oneshots

3,25 GB WAV files
2633 files in total
1386 Loops (124 BPM)
1238 Oneshots
9 Bonus MIDI Files

24-bit WAV

51,95 (incl. VAT)  – Regular Price: 94,85 €
Save over 45% compared to individual purchases

Sounds of Revolution is proud to present the ultimate SOR Particles Bundle. This is your chance to save over 45% on more than 3,25 GB (more than 2600 samples and MIDIs) of premium royalty-free sound material.

The vast array of loops and one-shots in this collection combine analogue warmth with digital precision. SOR Particles Bundle includes unique synth loops, mellow chord loops, fat drum beats, kicking (analog) drums, powerful basslines, deep atmospheric elements, and heavily processed field recordings and noises from various locations.

Spice up Techno, Minimal, Melodic House/Techno, Deep House, Tech House, and a whole lot more with this unique SOR Particles Bundle.

As with all SOR releases, each component was painstakingly tuned for maximum sound integrity to ensure that it would sit perfectly in your mix. It’s a collection that will kickstart your music creation process with endless inspiration inside.

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sor techno sample pack

SOR – Grooving Particles

This exclusive sample pack contains a wide range of original drum sounds that will help your productions stand out from the competition. It also includes detailed, basic drum loops and experimental drum loops.

Any static production comes alive with a multitude of distinct (live) perc loops. You will also receive precisely what we want in terms of subtle or badass bass, along with captivating and inspirational melodic and analog loops. In order to add even more spice to your next techno production session, there are ready-to-use techno voices available in addition to a plethora of other goodies like interesting FX sounds, (analog) noise, sweeps, click/percussion experiments, and much more!

1,03 GB 24-bit WAV and 800 files in total (551 Loops and 249 Oneshots)

SOR – Moving Particles

SOR Moving Particles encapsulates the essence and concentrates on adding precisely the right amount of skillfully designed movement to your static track to hit the perfect note while maintaining the suspense until the very end. Designed to cater to a wide range of genres, including Techno, the distinctive SOR style and essence haven’t lost any of their magic. In the end, your creativity is your only limit.

All you need to reinvent your style is this additional exceptional sample pack, which is filled to the brim with expertly produced, playful, detailed, and sophisticated loops and one-shots along with an abundance of appropriate dynamics. Add some flare to Deep House, Tech House, Techno, Melodic House, and many more genres!

1,15 GB WAV and 895 files in total (432 Loops, 457 Oneshots and 6 Bonus MIDI Files)

melodic house loops and oneshots

SOR – Dynamic Particles

Oliver Schmitt, also known as Sounds of Revolution (SOR), is back with a distinctive and incredibly inspiring sample collection called SOR Dynamic Particles, following the tremendous success of the multi-awarded SOR Minimal Techno Series. Aiming at Techo and related genres, but undoubtedly not limited by imagination, this sample pack is also exceptional due to the distinct SOR style and spirit.

Adds the perfect spice (or spices) to Techno, Melodic House, Minimal, Tech House, Deep House, and many more genres with its intricate and sophisticated loops and one-shots and unique, dark vibe.

1,07 GB WAV files and 938 files in total (403 Loops, 532 Oneshots and 3 Bonus MIDI Files)




Reviews by Artists & Press


German Print Magazine for MusiciansBEAT Magazine Germany
Aside from the usual loops with drums, basses, percussion, synths, and atmospheres, you‘ll also find unusual elements like vintage movie vocals and noise loops. The experimental loops inspire with percussive glitches and noise fragments, which like to be rhythmically played around by ping-pong delays. The kicks knock neatly and the kickless loops are arranged in a varied way. The basses are sometimes deeply pulsating, minimal or sometimes nastily distorted. The synth sounds alternate from restless to discreet.
Verdict: The combination of wonderfully playful flickering sounds with clearly focused drums makes the groove irresistible and so does this sample collection. For experimental and minimal sound effects, it‘s an ideal inspiration.
Rating 6/6

Music BlogSoundBytes
Sounds of Revolution, the soundware company that brought us great sample libraries over the years, has an interesting offering called Grooving Particles. […] Inside you’ll find 551 Loops (recorded in 124 BPM) and 249 one-shots that were properly tagged for ease of use and flexibility. Given the amount of content offered, the idea behind this library is to provide a huge selection of detailed straightforward samples, as well as experimental ones to DJs and producers alike. The unusual click and experimental percussions are on par with SOR standards. The drum loops are great starters to build a track on. Sound-wise, the samples are very detailed and punchy. They are very well recorded and can easily fit into a mix. If you have the other titles in the series, give this pack a try.


German Print Magazine for MusiciansKEYS Magazine Germany
[…] the kicks are powerful and perfect. The very good-sounding percussions are versatile and partly enriched with unusual sound effect elements. The noise loops produced from noise are also amazing. The sharp-edged, discordant synth chords might scare the faint-hearted. The basses are more subtly mumbling, sometimes distorted or spluttering, but groovy. A major highlight of this collection are the sound effects, some of which are granulated and offer great potential for sound design, including field recording effects. The vocal loops are thoroughly whisked and alienated beyond recognition. Conclusion: Moving Particles is a great source of inspiring sounds that can be used not only for underground techno, but also for sound design.

Music BlogSoundBytes
This is the second library in the Particles series and SOR continues to put out inspiring content for various producers. The goal this time is to give producers a beautifully-crafted movement samples. Moving Particles is geared for techno, melodic house, melodic techno, minimal, tech house, deep house and many more electronic sub-genres. Sound categories include atmosphere, bass loop, clap+snare, click loop, experimental loop, field recordings, SFX, SFX grain, synth loop, top loop and many more. It is just a staggering amount of samples you get from this 1.15 GB library. In fact, there are 895 total files. All loops are recorded in 44.1 kHz/24–bit sampling rate. Certain loop folders have been key and tempo-tagged for ease and maximum use. A few MIDI files are thrown in for good measure. I really liked what I’m hearing when I auditioned the samples. The production is top notch. The samples sound crisp. The overall vibe of this pack is just great. My favorites are the Synth Loops and the Experimental Loop folders, in which there are numerous samples that will serve as an inspiration for your next track. Check out the video demo of what this pack is all about.


Thomas Detert / AIRBASE recordings
Sounds of Revolution Samples are always my first choice. The production quality is top-notch and speaking from my taste, they are not too over-processed. They sit perfectly in any mix right from the get-go, are very inspiring and a must-have for any producer in this genre.

German Print Magazine for MusiciansBEAT Magazine Germany
Oliver Schmitt, under his pseudonym Sounds of Revolution, has welded together over 1 GB of excellent samples in the collection Dynamic Particles, which can be used in productions of the Techno, Melodic House, Melodic Techno, Minimal, Tech House, and Deep House genres. The 532 individual samples are joined by 403 loops with a tempo of 124 BPM, including basses (71), clicks (14), kicks (32), noises (8), and synthesizers (100). Banging kicks, crunchy snares, and fluffy percussion are the essences of the drums. Thanks to the separation, the loops can all be combined flexibly in each case. The basses are prominent, edgy, and often nasty. The synth loops are often discordant or percussive. The perfect mood and tension is included in the noise loops and very gloomy atmospheres.
Verdict: Apart from the alienating vocals, Dynamic Particles embodies the facets of Techno and House very well, which are sometimes more minimalistic and sometimes more melodic. Definitely listen to it. Rating: 5,5/6

Music BlogSoundBytes
Last but not least in this month’s Sound Investments is SOR’s newest sample library called Dynamic Particles. Though tagged as a techno library, this actually works on other electronica sub-genre such as melodic house, melodic techno, minimal, tech house, deep house, and many more. It’s built on Oliver Schmitt’s imaginative head utilizing drum machines, synthesizers (hardware and software), and various studio gear to deliver a modern library inspiring both musicians and producers alike. It weighs in at 1.07 GB with 938 files in total. You’ll get the usual loops (403 files) and one-shots (532 files) along with three bonus MIDI files. The bulk of this library seems to be percussion, drum, and FX samples, but it’s good to see some atmos and a few of vocal loops included. The drums and percs, both one-shots and loops, sound amazing. Oliver has obviously been doing this for so long that he knows his craft, from programming and recording to editing and post-processing, he makes it easy for the end-user to utilize the samples as is. But he leaves some (dry versions) for creative freedom, and others to practice their skills in sound design. Highly recommended.

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