Moving Particles

1,15 GB WAV
895 files in total
432 Loops (124 BPM)
457 Oneshots
6 Bonus MIDI Files

24-bit WAV Stereo

29.95 € (incl. VAT)

Oliver Schmitt aka Sounds of Revolution (SOR) is back with a bang – the all-new, vastly inspiring continuation of the Particles Series has arrived!

‘SOR Moving Particles’ says it all and focuses on infusing your static track with just that beautifully crafted movement to make it hit just right but to at the same time keep up the excitement until the last second. Made for serving just so many genres such as Techno, while in the end is only limited by your creativity, the unique SOR style and spirit didn’t lose a bit of its magic. Yet another special sample pack, swamped with professionally crafted, playful, detailed, and sophisticated loops and one-shots, combined with plenty of suitable dynamics are all you need to innovate your style. Spice up Techno, Melodic House, Melodic Techno, Minimal, Tech House, Deep House, and many many more! For those loving the nerd talk, Oliver’s been dedusting his established top-shelve (analog) sound generators and post-processors – so really all that’s responsible for that “SOR wow-effect” you’re used to.

As with all SOR releases, every element was expertly tweaked for maximum sonic integrity, to make it sit just well in your mix. It’s a collection that will level up your music creation process once again. Have fun exploring new boundaries with numerous never-heard one-shots, inspiring MIDI files, some served in different flavors (dry/wet effect versions, construction kits, etc.) to both inspire the producer’s mind while allowing maximum creative freedom. We know you like to move it move it!

The few Vintage Movie Vocals, are licensed for use under the new Creative Commons (Public Domain Mark 1.0) license agreement:


055 Atmos
095 Bass Loop
020 Clap & Snare
010 Click Loop
047 Experimental Loop
027 Field Recording
099 FX
032 FX Grain
048 Hat
019 Hit
025 Kick Loop (key labeled)

007 Vintage Movie Vocal
023 Noise Loop
037 Perc Loop
081 Percussion
020 Percussion Analog
022 Processed Vocal
052 Straight Beat Kits
075 Synth Loop
027 Synth Shot+Chord
068 Top Loop



German MagazineKEYS Magazine – Germany
[…] The kicks are powerful and perfect. The very good-sounding percussions are versatile and partly enriched with unusual sound effect elements. The noise loops produced from noise are also amazing. The sharp-edged, discordant synth chords might scare the faint-hearted. The basses are more subtly mumbling, sometimes distorted or spluttering, but groovy. A major highlight of this collection are the sound effects, some of which are granulated and offer great potential for sound design, including field recording effects. The vocal loops are thoroughly whisked and alienated beyond recognition. Conclusion: Moving Particles is a great source of inspiring sounds that can be used not only for underground techno, but also for sound design.

Music BlogSoundBytes
This is the second library in the Particles series and SOR continues to put out inspiring content for various producers. The goal this time is to give producers a beautifully-crafted movement samples. Moving Particles is geared for techno, melodic house, melodic techno, minimal, tech house, deep house and many more electronic sub-genres. Sound categories include atmosphere, bass loop, clap+snare, click loop, experimental loop, field recordings, SFX, SFX grain, synth loop, top loop and many more. It is just a staggering amount of samples you get from this 1.15 GB library. In fact, there are 895 total files. All loops are recorded in 44.1 kHz/24–bit sampling rate. Certain loop folders have been key and tempo-tagged for ease and maximum use. A few MIDI files are thrown in for good measure. I really liked what I’m hearing when I auditioned the samples. The production is top notch. The samples sound crisp. The overall vibe of this pack is just great. My favorites are the Synth Loops and the Experimental Loop folders, in which there are numerous samples that will serve as an inspiration for your next track. Check out the video demo of what this pack is all about.

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