Shhh…I Am Speaking BUNDLE

1,46 GB Total Content
2259 Vocal Samples

Save 40% compared to individual purchases
Unique UK female speaker
All 3 volumes fit together perfectly

24-bit WAV Stereo

53.95 € (incl. VAT)

SOUNDS OF REVOLUTION (SOR) presents the unique Shhh I Am Speaking BUNDLE with a discount of 40% on the individual purchase.

This vocal collection is your secret key to turning almost any music track into something magical. Enchant your track with a whispering voice, atmospheric, haunting syllables, or just a scream before your melody explodes on the dance floor. The same wonderful professional British voice-over artist is deliberately included in all 3 parts. The same conditions of admission have also been retained, giving the music producer maximum artistic freedom.

The bundle contains over 2259 vocal samples: individual words, phrases, or even variable sentences/group phrases. Each word/phrase was spoken in up to 4 different variations and leaves all creativity to the producer. Why not create something completely new? Fancy crazy dialogues, large crowds, or whispering voices from everywhere? Only your imagination is the limit. Ever thought about time-stretching, pitching, or crazy effect mangling perfectly suited dry samples? Well, go give it a try!

These vocals can be used universally. Regardless of whether you produce chillout, EDM, trance, techno, or something completely different – this unique voice will inspire you.

Please note: ‘SOR Shhh – I Am Speaking BUNDLE’ are vocal packs only. The demos contain sounds not included in this pack that are for demonstration purposes only.

The Bundle includes

female UK speaker

Everyone knows that moment: a gently whispering female voice causing serious goosebumps. Every producer knows: adding just that ingredient to a dancefloor-smashing track causes it all to go nuclear!

Well, guess what – Sounds of Revolution (SOR) is back with ‘Shhh I Am Speaking 3’, the next episode of a much-demanded series. Included is the same wonderful professional female UK speaker. Back with everything else you’d expect from a professional sound pack, completing an unrivalled trilogy.

uk native speaker samples

Shhh, come closer! Yes! This is your secret key to polishing almost any music track with a whispering voice here, some atmospheric haunting syllables there or just an in-your-face-shout before your tune explodes on the dancefloor!

Sounds Of Revolution presents a true diamond amongst edm vocals sample collections – the highly anticipated follow-up Shhh – I Am Speaking Vol. 2. Having on board the same professional native UK speaker, even maintaining the same recording conditions as well as matching phrases between Vol. 1 and 2 this is the perfect extension for those who loved the first sample pack and of course for anyone only starting!

native uk female speaker

A calming magical voice, gently haunting words or velvety whispered phrases – doesn’t this sound like the cherry on top of a great musical masterpiece? Search no more – Sounds of Revolution (SOR) succeeded in hunting for just these ingredients!

Let a highly professional native UK speaker serve you 788 vocal samples: single words, phrases or even variable sentences / group phrases, in just as many flavours as needed to fit into your track.


Reviews by Artists & Press

Music BlogSoundbytes Magazine
Vocal sample libraries are a good tool if you can’t find a vocalist that can deliver the exact performance you’re looking for or someone you can’t hire for cheap or simply needed some vocal samples to inject into your dance productions. The idea of such libraries is to give producers something they can grab on the fly, as well as samples they can tweak to fit into their mixes. That is why there is Shhh – I am Speaking Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 from Sounds-of-Revolution. These libraries will help ease the process of adding vocal elements into your productions. If phrases, single word spoken, variable sentences and FX vocals are something you fancy, both libraries are equipped to deliver such samples.

Shhh – I Am Speaking Vol. 1 contains 465 MB of content, 788 vocal samples in total with 215 group phrases, 310 single phrases, 257 words and 6 complex FX vocals. Picking up where Vol. 1 left off, Shhh – I Am Speaking Vol. 2 includes 458 samples in content, 807 EDM vocals in total with 189 group phrases, 356 single phrases, 258 words and eight complex FX vocals. Both libraries were performed by a professional native UK speaker with so much liveliness in the voice. What’s nice about these libraries is that both are clean-sounding with a nice stereo image (but are 100% mono compatible). All the samples are recorded dry, so you can tweak, time stretch, pitch-shift or effect-mangling them to your heart’s content. These 24-bit WAV libraries are well suited for dance, breaks, dubstep, house and other electronica sub-genre. My favorites of this bunch are the single phrases because they are “complete” and you can just drop them in an assigned audio track in your DAW. I wish there were more vocal FX samples to round out this library. Overall, this is another S-o-R offering that is worthy to be considered if you’re in the hunt of some vocal samples.

German MagazineKeys Magazine
Exzellente und saubere Aufnahmequalität […] Ausdrucksstarke, einprägsame Stimme mit angenehmer britischer Artikulation […] Phrasen in unterschiedlichen Ausdrucksformen […} zeichnet sich durch eine exzellente, saubere Audioqualität aus, wie man sie bei Gesangs- und Sprachsamples selten antrifft. Den absolut trochenen Samples fehlt es weder an Wärme, noch an Transparenz. Es ist geradezu erfrischend, dass hier ein Hersteller ganz auf die Effektmaschinerie vom Echo bis zum Pitchshifter verzichtet und damit dem Nutzer jeden erdenklichen Freiraum für die Nachbearbeitung läßt. Ob Granular Effekte für sphärische Stimmen-Cluster oder Lautsprechersimulationen für Lo-Fi Radiosound – die Phrasen laden zu den unterschiedlichsten Klangexperimenten ein. Rating: 3/3

English Translation:

Excellent and clean recording quality […] Expressive, memorable voice with pleasant British articulation […] Phrases in different forms of expression […} is characterized by an excellent, clean audio quality that is seldom found in vocal and speech samples. The absolutely dry samples lack neither warmth nor transparency. It is downright refreshing that a manufacturer here completely dispenses with the effects machinery from the echo to the pitch shifter and thus leaves the user every imaginable freedom for post-processing. Whether granular effects for spherical voice clusters or loudspeaker simulations for lo-fi radio sound – the phrases invite you to a wide variety of sound experiments. Rating: 3/3

Sam Laxton about Shhh I Am Speaking 1
Great variety of words and nicely delivered across different expressions. Samples require minimal processing to sit in tracks which is ideal when getting ideas down in a hurry. Already used in my own productions to bring more life to them. 8/10

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