Deep Organic Dirty

organic loops

1,12 GB WAV
749 Samples in total
523 Loops (124 BPM)
226 Oneshots
009 MIDI Files

24-bit WAV Stereo

29.95 € (incl. VAT)

Finally, this one is for lovers of just something special! SOR Deep Organic Dirty was compiled to give you extraordinary ingredients for your music. You get loads of organic loops, rare live field recordings, lush guitars, and more, with tons of pristine effects thrown at them, resulting in that deep and atmospheric sound and texture you might be looking for. In fact, an already club-approved, pulsating track draft will easily come to life with a couple of these added. Spice up techno and various other kinds of electronica productions, and let dark atmospheres evolve magically! As a result, this expertly crafted sound collection shows once more the full SOR spectrum of skills and the typical signature sound. With a unique analogue feel, alive tape delays, and atmospheric reverbs. Evolving, ethereal pad loops featuring both the grit of live field recordings and the musicality of more conventional sounds.

To once more stick with a good tradition, these are delivered to you well sorted into suitable categories and showing the root key (if applicable) for convenience. Equally important leaving room to your own taste dry/wet effect versions are available just as much as construction kit elements and other ready-to-use items to kickstart inspiration. Above all, delivered at 124 BPM, this collection is ready immediately for use in Techno (subgenres), Dub Techno, Deep Tech, Minimal, Dub-influenced House, and so many more.

SOR Deep Organic Dirty is just once more at your service to deliver unique, creative, and useful ingredients to any electronic music producer’s creative ammunition. Finally, these organic loops and one-shots will Infuse your current work with that depth, atmosphere, spatial magic, and positive experimental surprise. In conclusion don’t hesitate to get your hand dirty, deep organic dirty!

Last but not least get inspired by the massive demo track (7:27 minutes).


011 Atmos
051 Bass Loop
021 Bass Loop LIVE
011 Bass Loop TB-303
028 Click Loop
118 Drum (24 Clap+Snare/12 Fragment/28 Hat/24 Perc/22 Perc Analog/8 Snare Analog)
097 Effect (18 Analog FX/9 Analog Noise/11 Granular/31 Oneshot/11 Processed Live Rec/12 Reverse/5 Sweep)
041 Experimental Loop

022 Guitar Loop
037 Hat Loop
029 Kick Loop (key-labeled)
045 KIT Loop
013 Noise Loop
018 Pad Loop
047 Perc Loop
092 Synth Loop
044 Top Loop
024 Top Loop FX


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