Minimal Techno Revolution Vol.1

Massive Sample Pack by Sound of Revolution for Techno Production

3,16 GB total content
1,1 GB WAV content (2167 files)

24-bit WAV Stereo
Apple + REX2 Loops
Kontakt 3+ and EXS24 sampler patches

39.95 € (incl. VAT)

Also available at a discounted price in the MINIMAL TECHNO REVOLUTION BUNDLE

Oliver Schmitt aka Sounds of Revolution enjoys a steadily growing popularity with his”Revolution” sample series. DJ Tiesto, Adam Beyer, Timo Maas, and Stephan Bodzin all recently avowed themselves to be fans and supporters of his latest sample libraries. After the successful FX, Kick-free, and Electro House editions, which have been rated 10/10 points by diverse leading producer journals, the German sound wizard finally fields the next sampling specialist.

The multi-awarded Minimal Techno Revolution Vol.1 offers far more than its predecessors, with over 2000 variable high-quality samples in number! A notable highlight is the massive loop section, which offers 700 different Bass, Drum, and Synth Loops of all shades, available also as Apple & Rex Loops. The approximate 1500 single sounds are divided into Bass and Synth Sounds, Fragments, Kick Drums, Claps, Cymbals, FX, Percs, and Toms -whereas all Bass and Synth Sounds even have their own playable programs/instruments, so they can be played instantly and don’t need to get mapped.

In short: ‘Minimal Techno Revolution’ unites all you need for the production of powerful and intoxicating modern Minimal and Techno on one single sample pack and beyond that even encourages your creativity.



093 Bass
058 Bass Loops
177 Claps + Snares
093 Classic Percussion
180 Cymbals
584 Drum Loops (5 categories)
161 Electro Stuff
128 Fragment

130 Kicks
122 Percussion
232 FX (6 categories)
032 Shaker
074 SID
027 Synth
046 Synth Loops
030 Toms

Reviews by Artists & Press

RW Joop 102DJ JOOP / Leon Bolier
We’re using Oliver’s sounds ever since we got the patches. Crystal clear, deep, warm & really well designed, very useful for us! Looking forward to new sounds from this man!

RW Headstrong 102Don Jackson (Headstrong)
Oliver Schmitt’s sound sets are a must have library for any dance producer. The variation in patches is superb and the pads are stunning’ most of all they are usuable and not throw away sounds! – Excellent.

RW Martin Buttrich 102Martin Buttrich (Timo Maas / Loco Dice
The sounds of SOR convinced me from the first moment I played them. The purity and complexity of the patches is incredible. You get really inspired when it comes to new melodies. SOR is the all in one solution for modern music production – no matter what style you prefer!

RW Kuffdam 102Kuffdam
Sounds Of Revolution has the sounds for trance music that really suits my Kuffdam style. Great work on the high quality samples and I’ll be using these on forthcoming products.

RW First State 102First State
If you produce electronic dance music you need the best samples out there. SOR delivers these! Everyone knows the times when you are in the studio without any inspiration, just staring at the screen wasting your precious time. If you then check the SOR samples inspiration will instantly hit you like an avalanche. Unique samples which give the inspiration a producer needs. We especially like the beatloops which are unique and well designed and used in our new tracks. Putting them in your tracks makes your production instantly sound profi. We can recommend the SOR series for every starting and advanced producer!!!

RW Brooklyn Bounce 102Dennis Bohn (Brooklyn Bounce)
When I first tried the sounds of SOR I was very impressed. The superb quality of the patches makes my production life much easier. The patches are ready to use – only very little additional processing is necessary. The best thing of SOR: Their sound design is really different!

RW Lützenkirchen 102Lützenkirchen
I think the whole SOR series are a grail of good stuff actually useful to find their way in real records. Even if I don´t really use loops, the way the loops are produced in this series makes it easy to chop and cut them up into easy-to-isolate one-shot samples. I chopped up big parts from Minimal Tech Revolution and Kick Free Revolution. Takes time, but its really worth it. No resampled samples from other sampled stuff that took their samples also from other tracks/samples. No overused dynamics or effects and stuff, so you can easily tweak them to your own style. Thats what the most important for me and the biggest failure and mistake of nearly all other sample libraries. The amount of useful one shot samples that I got out of this series is massive. And I absolutely love the experimental section.

RW Tempo Giusto 102Tempo Giusto
The sound banks are quite original and different in comparison with other sample providers, offering more depth, uniqueness and possibilities to your compositions. My favourite out of the packages is the Minimal Techno Revolution sound bank, and recommend everyone to check it out!

RW Timo Maas 102Timo Maas
I have to say very cool library! All the sounds are very well recorded and manipulated. Other products sometimes are too “clear”…you use cool distortions / chorus / eventide effects etc…..also the kicks are super fat!

RW Plughugger 102Plughugger
Conclusion: […]I can’t think of anything better than Minimal Techno Revolution right now. The skills of Oliver Schmitt when it comes to drum loops are considerable and he truly masters the art of creating sparse and highly intelligent loops that both inspires and leaves room for your own drum sounds, which is a rare combination. On the whole, a very good library for anyone who needs to get back to techno.

RW Apfelwahn 102Apfelwahn
[…] Es ist sehr gut kategorisiert und die einzelnen Files enthalten neben der Kategorie die Angabe der Tonart (wo nötig) und des Tempos. Die Sounds sind, wie ich ehrlich gesagt erwartet hatte, zum Teil herrlich erfrischend. So stellt uns Oliver z. B. bei den ‘Proc Live Rec’ Sounds wieder mal vor die Frage: “Was zum Teufel hat er da nur aufgenommen und verfremdet?”. Aber auch der Loop-Liebhaber kommt auf seine Kosten. Die Drumkits sind in Construction Kits vorhanden, welche sich bis hin zur Variante mit Kick steigern. […] Das gefällt mir: In diesem Fall wirklich die schiere Masse an guten, knackigen Sounds und der als günstig zu bezeichnende Preis. Die Qualität hat dabei nicht gelitten und Oliver Schmitt liefert hier sowohl Quantität als auch Qualität ab. Es wurde nicht unnötig geloopt und alle Samples wurden wie immer exklusiv produziert. Die Kategorisierung ist auch gut gelungen. Hier findet man genügend Material für die nächsten Tracks. Alles in allem eine wirklich umfassende und hervorragende Auswahl ohne Ausreißer! Und wenn man Minimal wörtlich nimmt (so wie es ursprünglich auch gemeint war), dann reichen die 2.168 Files für jede Menge frischer Tracks! Testnote 1

RW Waveformless 102Waveformless
[…] The bass loops kick off the collection with a wide range of contemporary flavors on offer. From gritty bit crushed squiggles, to fat analog moans, to hard digital coldness, just about every basic mood and style you’re hearing in minimal techno these days is represented here at least a bit. The programming is funky when it’s appropriate, strict when it needs to be, and the production techniques and sound design are top shelf. If something here doesn’t inspire you, you may be beyond help. […] Schmitt’s usual talent for creative and futuristic sounding programming continues here in abundance. All the sounds and production are absolutely current sounding and genre appropriate. All the beats are very well constructed and thought out, but even at their most cerebral, they don’t lose that Teutonic, head-bobbing funk. […] it is clear that Sounds of Revolution are aiming for the top. This library, like their prior offerings, is amazingly consistent and is almost complete devoid of filler material you’d never want to use. If minimal techno is your thing and you’re looking for a good sample collection to get you started, you could certainly do a lot worse than to check this one out! Rating: 10/10

RW Computer Music 102Computer Music
Minimal Techno Revolution comprises a huge library of one-shots and loops, totalling over 2000 samples. Each folder is meticulously filed, with subfolders making it easy to find the sound you need. Every sound is upfront, tight and powerful, and what’s more, it’s easy to get inspired and start working on ideas right away. One of the best things about the included loops is how they don’t try and take over a project they’re EQ’ed to sit tightly without intruding. The kicks are fantastic, offering weight and power. If you can’t find something you like in this package, you’re in the wrong business. Rating: 9/10

RW Wusik 102Wusik Sound Magazine
This comes from German sound designer and sample developer Oliver Schmitt aka “Sounds of Revolution.” Another part of the Revolution series, Minimal Techno Vol. 1 is his latest sample set featuring over 3.16 GB (including 1.1GB content of 2167 WAV files) of loops and one-shots in pristine 24-bit quality. It is delivered in different formats, so you’ll get REX2, AIFF Apple loops and patches for EXS24 and Kontakt 3. The vast majority of the loops fall into the minimal techno sub-genre but Sounds of Revolution also designed the loops to be useful in other electronic music production as well. The 1500 single sounds of bass, synths, fragments, kick drums, claps, sound effects, electronic percussion and toms offer immense variety that can be beneficial to those who want to construct their own custom kits. As for the overall delivery and programming of the loops, and as I expected from a Sounds of Revolution product, this is a high quality sample pack worthy of praise

RW Beat 102Beat Magazine
Bekannte DJs und Produzenten wie DJ Tiësto oder Blank & Jones zählen sich zu den Fans und Unterstützern der Sample-Kollektionen des Sound-Designers Oliver Schmitt. Mit Minimal Techno Revolution Vol 1 legt er ein 3,16 GB großes Sample-Paket vor, das sein Renommee noch untermauern wird. Insgesamt erwarten Sie über 2000 Samples, darunter etwa 700 Bass-, Drum- und Synthesizer-Loops im WAV-, REX2- und Apple-Loops-Format sowie etwa 1500 One-Shots als WAV-Dateien inklusive einzelnen Drum- und Effektsounds, Klangfragmenten und Bass- und Synthesizersounds. Letztgenannte liegen für eine direkte Spielbarkeit auch als EXS24- und Kontakt-Patches vor. Das musikalisch hervorragend einsetzbare Klangmaterial kann sich hören lassen: Druckvoll, futuristisch und vielseitig tönt es aus den Boxen. Klasse!

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