Clicks and Glitches Vol.1

Techno Noise Loop Sample Pack

553 MB total content
107 MB WAV Content
100 Loops

24-bit WAV Stereo
REX2 Loops (Stylus RMX ready)
Apple Loops
EXS24 & Kontakt4+ Patches

12.95 € (incl. VAT) / Also available at a discounted price in the SOR CLICKS, GLITCHES & FX BUNDLE

A quite well-known situation: the basic elements of a production are all ready, but it still sounds too clean and conventional. The infamous little extras are missing, unobtrusive but not ordinary sounds that provide that certain dirt in a production and not rarely add a very own charm and groove. You now have the option to try to build them painstakingly from scratch on your own or to make use of ‘Clicks & Glitches’.

The loops of this library are not only considered to be used 1:1, but they still leave enough room to encourage your own creativity and eagerness to experiment. So they do not only find perfect use as noise clicks in Minimal Techno productions, but also subserve nicely as top loops in many other genres. All loops are commonly produced on 127 bpm and are available in all popular sampler formats. ‘Clicks & Glitches’ is the first edition of a new, attractively priced and versatile useable ‘SOR micro series’.

Please note: Some sounds used in Demo 2+3 are taken from other free SOR sample collections also included in the sample pack.



Reviews by Artists & Press

RW Computer Music 102Computer Music UK
100 Loops here from SOR?s golden-eared Oliver Schmitt, claiming to be just what you need to add ?charm and groove? to your clean productions. The collection is made up of heavily swung distorted twitches and pops that bounce and spark out of your speakers. This focused pack gets our thumbs up, and the production is top-notch. Rating: 8/10

RW Wusik 102Wusik Sound Magazine
Well, this is something different. I have never reviewed a ‘micro pack’ before and this is the first, though certainly not the last. This pack lives up to my expectations, with some pretty useable esoteric loops that can add a little ‘extra’ to your compositions. It’s primarily geared for minimal techno but other electronic music producers can benefit from this as well. All loops are recorded in the standard 127 BPM and are offered in different formats such as 24-bit WAVs, REX, Apple AIFF loops, plus EXS24 and Kontakt 4 patches. Clicks and Glitches Vol.1 comprises 100 loops (107 MB) that can also serve as top loops for drum mixes lacking that certain charm. A hundred loop library and for only 10.92 Euros (plus tax/VAT)…. you can’t go wrong with this.

RW Audio-Desk 102Audio-Desk
Oliver and his baby ‘Sounds of Revolution’ (SOR) don’t need any introduction – the sample packs are used worldwide in enumerous
productions. While waiting for more soundfood, maybe successors of ‘Club Revolution 1’ and others, we came across a new mini series: smaller packages, but just as useful and precious as always: ‘Abstract&Weird’ and ‘Clicks&Glitches’. Interesting. Let’s do this!

The product titles pretty much say what’s inside: you won’t find a huge main loop collection and some standard percussion samples – these sample packs are taking care of the subtile but yet extremely important part of a decent track: they offer everything you need to perfectly fill the sonic gaps in your track plus to add the special touch to make it (even more) unique.

Clicks & Glitches is a really lovely package to work with: all those extremely groovy, special click sounds are provided as basic loops, meaning that you don’t get perfectly grooving loops but truly inspiring material to work with: everything inside a loop is perfectly processed, but you have to work on most of the loops to make them fit into your track ? which isn’t of any disadvantage at all!

‘Clicks&Glitches’ makes you instantly cut, copy and rearrange the loops – at least it inspired our creativity from the very first moment. For every fan of electro house and progressive, for sure also other genres, there’s no better collection of these kind of sounds.
Rating: 10/10

RW Apfelwahn 102Apfelwahn
Ich mag Menschen, die mit Herzblut bei der Sache sind und nicht nur unbedingt daran denken, wie man aus ein und demselben Content noch mehr Euros herausholen kann. Oliver Schmitt von Sounds of Revolution gehört mit Sicherheit dazu. Bei ihm galt schon immer die Devise: Jedes Sample wird händisch erstellt und nicht aus bestehenden Samples gefiltert. Dies hat sich auch in seinen bisherigen Libraries gezeigt. […]

Beide Libraries bieten für einen absolut attraktiven Preis unverbrauchte Loops an, die sich fast in jeder Produktion gut machen können. Es sind keine Loops, die man nur auf Techno oder Minimal beschränken sollte. Als treibende ?dreckige? Elemente können sie sowohl in Techno, Minimal, Pop, Rock oder auch Schlagerproduktionen verwendet werden. Es spart einem einiges an Zeit, das diese Loops trotz des geringen Preises in allen wichtigen Formaten vorliegen. Da kann manch teurere Library sich ein Beispiel dran nehmen.

Die Qualität der Loops ist wie gewohnt hoch und als Sahnehäubchen packt OIiver Schmitt noch etliche kostenlose Loops seiner anderen Libraries dazu. Daher kann ich der neuen ‘micro series’ von SOR nur den Redaktionstipp und meine uneingeschränkte Kaufempfehlung aussprechen.

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