Hats and Tops Vol.1

Toploops by Sounds of Revolution

280 MB total content
100 loops (127 bpm)

24-bit WAV Stereo
Apple Loops
REX2 Loops (Stylus RMX ready)
EXS24 & Kontakt4+ Patches

12.95 € (incl. VAT)
Also available at a discounted price in the SOR HATS & TOPS BUNDLE

Oliver Schmitt aka Sounds of Revolution continues his hit ‘SOR micro series’ with Hats and Tops Vol.1. This collection is loaded with 100 of the tightest, grooviest, and most detailed top loops. All four-to-the-floor genres will benefit from this collection, including minimal, electro, trance, and house of any flavor.

As with all SOR releases, every element was programmed from scratch and expertly tweaked for maximum sonic integrity. It’s a collection that will kickstart your creativity, with its mastery of rhythmic space inviting you to ‘fill the gaps’ with your own drum elements and rhythms. All loops are at 127 bpm for easy integration into common electronic genres, and all are available in the most popular sampler formats.

Please note: Some sounds used in the Demo are taken from other SOR sample collections also included in the sample pack.



Reviews by Artists & Press

RW Computer Music 102Computer Music UK
There isn’t a kick in sight here, but that’s no bad thing. All the loops are designed to spice up your drums by adding an extra crispy rhytmn. There are 100 of the tightest, bounciest top lines you’ve heard, and the good news is that the’ll sit well in any club-based genre. What’s more, the REX support means that they’ll stretch to any BPM. Rating: 9/10

RW Sergio Flores 102Sergio Flores
This does just what it says on the label: it is a really useful collection of top-loops. I would mostly recomend this to pumpin’ Tech House producers on the lookout for nicely swingin’ and jackin’ loops, as an addition to their beats. The sound quality is good, with a lot of brightness…Recomended! Rating: 8/10

RW Prok Fitch 102Prok & Fitch
We’ll be rinsing these!! Loads of bright groovy shuffles. Plenty of variety and will save loads of time sifting though different hats to find the right balance for the top layer of our tracks. Essential ‘Top’ material for anyone making house music. Rating: 9/10

RW Yves Eaux 102Yves Eaux
If you like it driving this pack works for you. All loops are tight, crispy and burst of energy. Perfect addition to your tracks. Rating: 8/10

RW Wusik 102Wusik Sound Magazine
Here we have a small sample pack (dubbed micro series) from Sounds-of-Revolution entitled ‘Hats & Tops Vol.1″. This is a ‘specialty’ collection comprising 100 hat and top loops, and nothing else. It is very convenient to those looking for a specific kick-less loop without having to sort out folders and folders of samples. Use the samples to augment into your drum mixes or use as is as fillers in gaps or
transitions in breakdowns. All 24-bit files were programmed from scratch and applied with the latest processing tools for maximum sound and fidelity. Best if used for house or any EDM.

RW James Harcourt 102James Harcourt
An interesting pack that provides nothing but hi hat and top end lines – no kicks or bass lines here, as the title would suggest. You can get a quick hi hat fix here if the placement of one-shots is too arduous! Useful for those who enjoy working with loops … Rating: 7/10

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