Melodic Techno

SOR Melodic Techno - Sample Pack

2 GB Content
931 Samples in total
539 Loops (124 bpm)
392 Oneshots
11 MIDI Files

049 Atmos
083 Bass Loop
049 Clap + Snare
077 Click + Noise
027 Click Loop
185 Drum Loop
072 Experimental Loop
064 FX
047 Hat
033 Kick
038 Percussion
021 Perc Loop
017 Sweep
151 Synth Loop
018 Vocal

24-bit WAV Stereo
Full pack 39,95 € incl. VAT

Cold’n’rainy days ain’t got no melody? Get ready to be proven wrong!

Following the the highly awarded ‘SOR Minimal Techno Revolution’ series Oliver Schmitt aka Sounds of Revolution (SOR) has been sitting in his studio with windows wide open to let in sunshine, warmth, melody and comforting atmospheres: take our word for it, SOR Melodic Techno is more than ready to deliver a rare species of Techno sounds to allow you add never-heard deep richness to your tune.

Starting with evolving atmospheric sounds, covering everything from ‘shockingly spooky’ to ‘amazingly beautiful’, this expertly crafted sample pack contains all-fresh-n-crisp drums, kicks with an attitude shaking the ground to its every bit, hypnotising melodic loops to make you shiver, subtile or bad-ass bass just the way we like it, a fresh set of vocals ready-to-use and certainly many more spices a producer may desire, such as FX sounds, sweeps or unique click/noise experiments.

SOR easily proves once again that skillful attention to detail translates into a unique, creative and handy addition to any electronic music producer’s toolkit: no matter whether you like ‘chop’n’re-arrange’ or prefer to work with raw sounds and a lot of headroom – it’s all in there!

Enumerous pristine one-shots, inspiring MIDI files, all of these professionally named and sorted for maximum usability and efficiency.

Many (demo) loops are served in different flavours (dry/wet effect versions, construction kits etc) to be instantly inspiring. Experience once again how state-of-the-art analogue gear delivers a deep low-end and crisp sonic character all the way.

SOR Melodic Techno is a true gem for all producers who love to tinker with all-new and fresh sounds for techno, minimal, electronic, deep & dub house and so much more.

SOR Melodic Techno – Demo2 | Samples

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Date: Januar 18, 2019