Minimal Techno Revolution Vol.3

Sounds of Revolution Sample Pack with over 1,4 GB minimal techno producer

39.95 € (incl. VAT)
Split Packs available

– 1435 Samples
– 1,43 GB Content

– 060 Atmos – Bonus
– 073 Bassloops (synthetic)
– 035 Bassloops Live
– 034 Clap
– 042 Click & Grain
– 025 Crash & Ride
– 122 Effects
– 043 Hat
– 051 Kick
– 219 Kick free loops (Hat/Mixed/Percussion & Vocals)
– 281 KIT loops
– 063 Percussion
– 035 Processed Live Recordings
– 049 SID
– 039 Snare
– 152 Synthloops
– 112 Vocals (Processed/FX/UK Female Speaker/Vintage Vocals)

– 500 Rex2 Files
– 34 Soft Sampler Patches for Kontakt & EXS24

– 24-bit WAV Stereo
– REX Loops (Stylus RMX ready)
– EXS24 &Kontakt Patches

There’s nothing wrong with yet another follow-up to a bestselling series, is it? Well, that’s exactly why Oliver Schmitt aka Sounds of Revolution locked himself up in the studio again, hunting with the latest armory for even greater, fresher, punchier and all-gooseflesh techno sounds.

Distributed by Resonance Sound, Minimal Techno Revolution Vol.3 covers special organic sounds (e. g. live drums, live bass loops, field recordings) right next to all-time favorites such as true analog drums, SID samples (C64-style), loads of drum loops with/without kick and a variety of carefully processed vocals. Missing something?

How about kit loops for starters, dark and mystic atmospheres, hypnotic bass and synth loops, semisynthetic field recordings or never-heard fx sounds shaking the ground to its every bit? Have a listen to the demos below – Minimal Techno Revolution 3 easily proves once again that skillful attention to detail translates into a unique, creative and handy addition to any electronic music producer’s toolkit.

To add a little tech talk, this massive sample pack delivers more than 1.400 samples at 24-bit WAV (1,43 GB WAV) quality and including all common sampler formats (REX Stylus-ready, EXS24, Kontakt). As usual, they are sorted into categories, incl. root key (if applicable) and designed with sufficient headroom to perfectly fit into your arrangement.

We’re sure you’ll find your studio chair even more comforting once you got your hands on this package – but please don’t blame us for not managing to leave it any time soon! ?

All Vintage Movie Samples are licensed for use under the new Creative Commons (Public Domain Mark 1.0) license agreement:

Demo song 2 programmed by Shabu Vibes!

Reviews by Artists & Press

RW Chase Buch 102Chase Buch
This is by far the best minimal techno series. I’ve previously downloaded volume 1 and volume 2, finally 3rd one is out and it sounds even better then previous ones. Live Bassloops are absolutely amazing and drum loops also stand out for me. Athmos and FX sounds are also rich and very useful. This pack offers too much and highly recommended for minimal and techno producers. Rating: 10/10

RW Waveformless 102Waveformless
As always, the programming and sound design is extremely creative and interesting, making it stand out from other similarly-themed sample libraries. Sounds of Revolution have always made products with good production quality, but it feels like they upped things a notch this time around. The loops especially draw a better balance between loud/punchy and dynamic than before and sound professional and present without being smashed within an inch of their lives. Rating: 10/10

RW BangTheDJ 102Bang the DJ
The best part for us though is the loops section, You’ll find loops that are well constructed and flexible enough to use in any EMD genre. The loops are not over producer either like some sample packs. Oliver is a master of his craft and although he’s created some killer loops he has also left enough scope for the you to further edit, glitch ,stutter smash and mangle which is exactly what you want from a good sample pack. Rating: 10/10

RW Rekkerd
Minimal Techno Revolution Vol 3 includes a well-balanced, useful collection of loops and samples, and the overall quality of sounds is simply great. I would say this pack goes way beyond Minimal Techno, with interesting material for producers in a much wider range of electronic styles. In short, Oliver’s sound design and production skills make for a top notch sound pack that offers a lot of bang for the buck. Rating: 9/10

RW Computer Music 102Computer Music Uk
The fastidious Oliver Schmitt returns with the third instalment in his MTR series. With enough material here to keep you busy for months, the 127BPM (mostly kick-free) drum, synth and bass loops are bursting with vibe and rhythm, while the one-shot drums, FX and SID sounds are polished, imaginative and hard hitting. Rating: 9/10

RW Nueko
Everything has been worked out in great detail in taking care of every detail so manic every nuance, nothing was left to chance, the end result is an arsenal of sound that perfectly expresses the true essence of the new age Techno soun

print magazineAsk Audio
This is an astounding package of minimal goodness that contains everything from a massive assortment of drums to a huge variety of synths and loops. […] I was particularly impressed with the crispness of the kicks, and claps. When inserted into my mix, they stood out fine, without even the need of a compressor, or EQ […] The loops are extremely polished. […] If you’re looking for inspiration, you’ll have a treasure trove, should you get your hands on Minimal Techno Revolution. The processed live recordings of several bass guitars are a wonderfully welcome addition to my arsenal of loops, especially.

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