Vintage Movie Vocals Vol.2

RS Vintage Movie Vocals Vol.2


673 Samples in total
1,11 GB Content
produced for Resonance Sound

612 Vocal Phrases
061 Vintage FX Samples
24-bit WAV Stereo
Stereo – 100% Mono compatible


24-bit WAV Stereo
EXS24 & Kontakt Sampler Patches


Full pack 24.95 € incl. VAT

Movies & Music – so many people will agree they make an awesome couple. Reshaping the use of vocals in music production since Vintage Movie Vocals 1, Resonance Sound got ready for delivering the next treat: Vintage Movie Vocals 2 might be just the perfect (pre-) christmas gift to get you all creative over the holidays!

No matter whether you wanna spice up your kick-ass dubsteb track, add a mysterious touch to an epic trance break or mangle voices like crazy and come up with something dancefloor’s never heard before – get ready to (re-) discover your love for movie dialogs, processed with the latest professional armory of Resonance Sound Studios!

Fire up your DAW and get going – and you might not wanna miss out on our carefully arranged audio demo with some serious inspiration in there. Houston, we definitely don’t have a problem!

All samples are licensed for use under the new Creative Commons (Public Domain Mark 1.0) license agreement: http://creativecommons.org/publicdomain/mark/1.0/

Resonance Sound – Vintage Movie Vocals 2 | Vocal Samples


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Artist and Press Reviews:

RW Keith Shocklee 102Keith Shocklee
Vintage Movie Vocals 2 by Resonance Sound brings you the madness to your method. Dj’s and producers will know exactly what to do with this pack. So have fun and create great skits!
Rating: 10/10


RW Soundbyte 102Soundbytes Magazine
But the samples themselves were cleaned up in Resonance Sound’s high-end studio, edited and mastered to give you that production-ready sound. What I like about this pack is the variety of vocal phrases it offers – it’s really great for spicing up breaks and drops in a song. If your arrangement is lacking something in the vocal phrases department, Vintage Movie Vocals definitely has the samples that can take your track to the next level.

RW Nueko 102Nueko.net
An arsenal is essential to enrich your Dubstep productions, Trap, Electro, Progressive, House and Trance with exciting dialogues and vocals particular, all divided into folders to facilitate your research. All samples were carefully elaborated in studies of Resonance Sound, cut, edited and cleaned to be used in any musical context.

Date: September 14, 2014