Kick Free Revolution Vol.1

Sample Pack with unique kick free loops

2,39 GB total / 684 Drum Loops (127 bpm)
211 Experimental loops
351 Main loops
122 Percussion loops

24-bit WAV Stereo
Rex2 & Apple Loops
Kontakt 2+ Patches

39.95 € (incl. VAT) / Also available at a discounted price in the KICK FREE REVOLUTION BUNDLE

The name says it all! If you´re in search of state-of-the-art loops to boost your productions, here´s the place to discover. SOR Kick Free Revoluton Vol.1 is power-packed with almost 700 unique kick-free material painstakingly crafted from scratch and exclusively for this sample treasure chest and does not contain any loveless low-cutted material.

Furthermore, the majority of loops, deliberately left without characteristic snares and heavy processing, come as construction kits that build up step by step, which makes “Kick-Free Revolution” highly fashionable for both studio and live work and perfectly suitable for the production of almost any genre of electronic music. This collection, universally produced on 127bpm and divided into categories “Experimental”, ”Main” and “Perc Loops”, does not only leave enough space for your own creativity but will even encourage it!



Reviews by Artists & Press

RW Tiesto 102Tiësto
This library is unique in it’s contents, because it’s programmed with kicks which were taken out later. So they are built to work with big kicks! Not just cut loops to create room for a kick. Now that’s the kind of hard work we like to hear!”

RW Adam Beyer 102Adam Beyer
Very well put togheter collection of usable loops, will defenatly incoporate some of them in my production!”

RW Jason Nevins 102Jason Nevins
SOR Kick Free Revolution is a must have for any producer or remixer. All the percussive loops are top notch and original. You’ll find only current progressive loops that will fit perfectly in any electro, club, house or dance track. The minute I got my hands on the SOR series- I put the sounds & loops to work in all my productions and big name remixes. A huge bonus is that not only do you get the product as standard .wav files- you get REX files, Apple Loops, EXS files (for all of us Logic users)and Kontakt files which give you total flexability. Go download this stuff now !

RW Funkagenda 102Funkagenda
Loving your latest sample collection KICK FREE REVOLUTION Vol.1 ! Loads of usable stuff… Will deffo be using for my forthcoming live set up!

RW Kiko 102Kiko
KICK FREE REVOLUTION is the best sounding loop libraries I have ever encountered. The most inspiring loops ever. These loops are brilliantly fresh – sounding close to what’s booming out of most clubs’ main floors. It´s fantastic !!!

RW Jonathan Grant 102Jonathan Grant (Above & Beyond
The sample pack KICK FREE Revolution is essential – what’s great is the material sounds very fresh. We’re already using this in our productions, and it’s very easy to drop them into apple loops and get working straight away.

RW Stefan Bodzin 102Stefan Bodzin
All the stuff beyond the kick is to find here!! up2date-loops that will push your production to the pro-level. innovative ideas & a very sophisticated sound-desing make this one a secret weapon ? TIP

RW Timo Maas 102Timo Maas
Very complex grooves and well constructions. The sounds are unique!

RW Tiefschwarz Sante 102Tiefschwarz + Santé
You really get inspired by the grooves. It´s a high quality production, it dosn´t matter what style you like, techno or house etc.., it´s perfect to get a new idea.

RW Tanzmann 102Matthias Tanzmann
SOR delivers nice grooves and interesting sound elements in a very good quality. I already chopped me some slices for my productions.

RW Dash Berlin 102Dash Berlin
KICK FREE Revolution Vol. 1″ is a well-constructed and innovative collection of usable and inspirational samples by German producer Oliver Schmitt. It?s fresh and original. Highly recommended!

RW Daniel Wanrooy 102Daniel Wanrooy
“Great samples, really different than the other sample packs, I use them in most of my tracks! Definitely recommended…”

RW Enersto Bastian 102Ernesto vs. Bastian
The Sound Of Revolution Series are not only one of the biggest and diverse sample packages available at the moment, but most important is that they are unbelievable usable! Looking for a fresh sounding loops for EDM or any other musicstyle…you got it. Looking for a tight fitting bass sound…no problem. At the moment we are working on a couple of new Ernesto vs Bastian tracks and remixes and all we can say about that is that we used quite a bit of the massive sounds of SOR. Recommended! 5 STARS!

RW Future Music 102Future Music Magazine UK
One thing that sets Sounds of Revolution apart from the rest of the companies putting out sample DVDs right now is their love of kick-free loops. Most of the samples here would be suitable for producers of just about any kind of House or Techno and with 684 kick-free loops all at 127bpm. They’re fantastically versatile sounds which will add to your productions rather than just being a set of finished loops that do all the hard work for you. As with FX Revolution, this is a pricey disc but you get what you pay for. Rating: 9/10

Music Magazine UKComputer Music UK
Sound design whiz Oliver Schmitt returns to Mutekki Media, responding to user requests for more of the kick-free drum patterns that cropped up on his previous titles. The idea is that with very little low-end, these 680 dance-based loops are easy to integrate into your own drum mixes. All loops are at 127bpm, so it would seem the emphasis is on house music, and there are three categories: Experimental has strange loops with lots of quirky hits and FX; Main contains more typical loops, very up to date and easy to adapt to many styles; Perc covers more realistic percussion, such as congas and bongos. This title isn’t as exceptional as Schmitt’s previous output, but it is highly usable. Rating: 8/10

RW Logic User 102Logic User
Die Loops bestechen wie auch schon bei der FX Revolution Vol.1 durch einen klaren, druckvollen und rauschfreien Sound. Die Loops sind alle samt neu und keine abgewaschenen Beats die man schon 1000 mal gehört hat. […] Im Gegensatz zu dem ein oder anderen Mitbewerber hat man sich hier nicht an einen Lowcut Filter bedient und einfach alle tiefen Frequenzen abgeschnitten, sondern gleich ohne Bassdrum produziert. Meiner Meinung nach die beste ‘No Kick Sample CD 2009’.

RW Amazona
nice synthetic sounding […] immense groovy […] very varied […] absolut inspiring and a must buy!

RW Sound&Recording 102Sound & Recording
[…] Immerhin gibt es jeweils zwei oder mehr Varianten, sodass auch Steigerungen möglich. […] Kick Free ist jedenfalls sexy: Dance-orientiert, rhythmisch und inspirierend klickert, rasselt und dengelt es und wartet auf kreativen Einsatz. Kaum ein akustischer Sound trübt das Bild, alles wirkt synthetisch und dynamisch, auch die perkussiven Loops. Eine echte Empfehlung!

RW Recording-de
…] Wie der Name schon sagt erwarten einen hier “Kick Free Loops”. Der Untertitel verspricht, dass es sich um “Unique Loops by Oliver Schmitt” handelt. Das ist mittlerweile schon fast ein Gütesiegel in der Branche und auch ich konnte mich nun schon mehrfach davon überzeugen, dass die Loops sich erfreulich von manch anderer Library abheben. Alle Loops liegen hier in 127 BpM vor. Natürlich lässt sich das Tempo variieren. In Stylus ohnehin und in Kontakt ist Timestretching aktiviert. Dem müssen doch mal irgendwann die Ideen für neue Loops ausgehen, ist während des Tests einer meiner Gedanken. Aber weit gefehlt: Neben seinem Sohn ist sein größtes Hobby nach eigenen Aussagen das Schrauben an wirklich handgemachten Loops, die erst dann gebounced werden, wenn Sie richtig grooven. Und das trifft hier zu. Wer sich selber überzeugen möchte, der kann sich unter freie Samples herunterladen.
Ein großer Vorteil aller SOR Sample-DVD’s ist die Formatvielfalt. Da sollte wirklich für jeden etwas dabei sein. Vom Produzenten bis hin zum (Ableton-)Live-Künstler. […]

Fazit: Einmal mehr stellt Oliver Schmitt unter Beweis, worin seine Leidenschaft liegt: Im programmieren von Loops, die sich sonst nirgends finden lassen und die perfekt für den nächsten Clubhit geeignet sind. Die perfekte Ergänzung zu dieser DVD ist für mich Club Revolution Vol.1 mit etlichen Einzelsounds, welche aus der “Kick free” eine “Kick Ass” Library machen ?

RW Wusik 102Wusik Sound Magazine
There are a lot of drum loop libraries that offer great drum patterns. They are useful, they sound full and are ready to use by themselves no doubt, but the problem sometimes is that it’s hard to integrate them into your own drum mixes. Enter Kick Free Revolution Vol. 1 and 2, a collection of drum loops crafted with very little or minute low-end. The idea behind a kick free library is nothing new, yet it is clever. It’s intended to give producers a mix and match option for building new and unique drum patterns.

The first volume includes 684 loops all recorded at 127 BPM. Most of them would be suitable for electronic music such as Techno and House, but depending on your creativity, you can use these sounds any way you see fit. The samples are broken down to three main categories: “Experimental” will give producers effects and “something different” sounds, “Main” contain samples that are more of your typical everyday loops and “Perc” would work perfectly if you need realistic percussion elements. While Vol. 1 is delivered in DVD disc format, Vol. 2 is a downloadable product at Sounds-of-Revolution and Sounds/To/Sample sites. Continuing where Vol.1 left off, this library of 611 loops has basically the same formula as the original but it includes 70 deep, round kicks as a bonus. Oliver Schmitt, the man behind SoR, has sprinkled this collection with more diverse-sounding materials than the the first one. You’ll find a bunch of hi-hat patterns, 140 club-oriented sounds, tonal loops with 52 melodic beatlines and 100-plus glitched-out loops for experimental enthusiasts. They say that sequels are supposed to be better than the original, and Vol. 2 delivers. Although both libraries are kind of pricey, they are superbly programmed with many usable sounds.

RW Keys 102Keys Magazine
[…] Im Gegensatz zu den Vengeance-Libraries von Mutekki zeichnet sich Kick Free durch eine größere Formatvielfalt aus. Neben den WAV-Dateien in 24 Bit gibt es auch die Formate AIFF und REX sowie fertige Mappings für EXS24 und Kontakt. Kick Free Vol. 1 widmet sich nur einem Thema, dafür aber mit großer Aufmerksamkeit. Diese Fundgrube ist eine echte Empfehlung.

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