Melodic Techno 3

collection of melodic techno loops and field recordings

2,05 GB 24 BIT WAV files / 1094 samples in total
713 Loops (124 BPM)
369 Oneshots
12 Bonus MIDI Files

24-bit WAV Stereo
MIDI Files

49.95 € (incl. VAT) / also available in Split-Packs
Also available at a discounted price in the SOR MELODIC TECHNO BUNDLE

There’s nothing wrong with yet another follow-up to a bestselling series, is it? Well, that’s exactly why Oliver Schmitt aka SOUNDS OF REVOLUTION (SOR) locked himself up in the studio again, hunting with the latest armory for even greater, fresher, punchier and all-gooseflesh techno sounds.

Distributed by Resonance Sound, Melodic Techno 3 covers evolving, dark and mystic atmospheric sounds, fresh-n-crisp drums, kicks with an attitude shaking the ground to its every bit, hypnotising and inspiring and detailed melodic and analogue loops to make you shiver, subtile or bad-ass bass just the way we like it, a fresh set of vocals ready-to-use and certainly many more spices a producer may desire, such as FX sounds, semisynthetic field recordings, sweeps or unique click/percussion experiments, loads of noisy elements, inspiring MIDI files and just so much more, making your next techno production session even more exciting!

As with all SOR releases, every element was programmed from scratch and expertly tweaked for maximum sonic integrity. This massive sample pack is a true gem for all producers who love to tinker with all-new and fresh sounds for melodic and minimal techno, electronic, deep & dub house and so much more. Melodic Techno 3 easily proves once again that skillful attention to detail translates into a unique, creative and handy addition to any electronic music producer’s toolkit.

Carefully crafted, perfectly sorted into categories, incl. root key (if applicable) for instand usability and of course gently treated with the latest’n’greatest analogue gear & toys in sound design this package leaves nothing to be desired. Many loops are served in different flavours (dry/wet effect versions, construction kits etc) to inspire immediately and to allow producers maximum creative freedom. Melody. Dirt. Groove. Kick it!

Have a listen to the massive demo track (> 11 minutes) – inspiration pure! Additional Demo Parts from jaybeetrax music productions (explore jaybeetrax on beatport)


047 Atmos
087 Bass Loop
041 Clap & Snare
006 Crash & Ride
042 Drum Kit Loop
091 Experimental Loop
010 Processed Field Recordings
109 FX
034 Hihat
012 Hit

048 Kick Loop
013 Noise Loop
071 Percussion
130 Percussion Loop
012 Spectral & Grain
006 Synth
193 Synth Loop
102 Top Loop
033 Vocal
007 Vocal Loop


Reviews by Artists & Press

Music BlogSoundBytes about Melodic Techno 3
This 3rd part of Sounds of Revolution’s Melodic Techno series has a club vibe to its drums, bass, synth, SFX, atmos, and field recording samples. Its strong features are the synth and bass loops made with some of the best analogue gear and studio toys by SoR head honcho Oliver Schmitt. This pack sounds really tight, deep, and flavorful. The assortment of sounds packed in this 2.05 GB library is great. In total, there are 713 loops (recorded in 124 BPM), 369 one-shots, and twelve bonus MIDI files. Although not a whole lot, I should mention that the spectral and grain, processed field recordings, and noise loops are also great for adding a bit of flair to your mixes. Like many of Sounds of Revolution’s library releases, Melodic Techno 3 excels in usability. I really like this pack and Sounds of Revolution should make some more. Hey, if it’s successful why stop? Looking forward to Melodic Techno 4.

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