Revolution Virus

Access Virus Synthesizer

24.95 € (incl. VAT)

– 128 sounds
– suitable for trance, house & electro
– works on all virus models
– massive modwheel assignment

– Synth Presets for Access Virus B/C/TI

128 fresh sounds for dance, trance, techno & house productions for ALL VIRUS MODELS !
In this sound set you will find hard power leads, crazy / sharp / dark effects, strange modulation intensive arpeggios, amazing lose your head textures / pads, retro sounds, pumpin´ basses and many many more inspiring sounds. Of course, without any brass / flute/ piano patches – only up to date trendy stuff !

With the programming using great attention to detail of the variety of modulation possibilities (aftertouch, bender, definable knobs…) the virus springs into life with sometimes extreme effect with the manipulation of these controls!!!!

A very fresh & stylish sound set for the modern club culture !

This Set is the perfect complement to our other VIRUS set ! – No sound is a clone !

Check out our great test in the German KEYBOARDS – Magazine !

You can use the bank with all Virus models. It runs without any reductions !

Reviews by Artists & Press

RW Martin Roth 102Martin Roth
The patches of SOR are outstanding – the variety of the sound design is covering many genres from kickin’ clubsound to experimental electronic music. For me absolutely essential in the studio!

RW Keyboards 102Keyboards Magazine
Im Gegensatz zu vielen anderen Soundsets nutzen die Sounds auch die Anschlagstärke des Virus. Dadurch erhalten Sie lebendige Klänge.

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