Revolution Technox Vol.1-3


150 Sounds
suitable for techno, trance & house


Synth Presets


Full pack 24.95 € incl. VAT

Contains: 150 Sounds ( 3x 50 Sounds ) for Dance / Trance / Techno / House and Hardcore productions.

Style: Hard basses, powerful leads, amazing pads, realy extreme effects, dark atmossound e.g.

Sometimes, this stuff sounds really hard ! Unbelieveable how fresh that little & cheap synthie can sound!
Often you won´t detect the original Technox-Samples !

We did a real extensive programming. You won´t notice that the sounds are just from a Technox ;-)

Forget the boring presets & CHECK THIS OUT !

Demo MP3 Buy @ Resonance Sound

Date: Juli 26, 2014