Revolution Microwave

waldorf microwave patches

128 sounds
64 programms + 64 fat multis
suitable for techno, trance & electro

Synth Presets for Waldorf Microwave

24.95 € (incl. VAT)

This unique sound set comes with 128 patches (64 programs + 64 fat multis). You get hard-pumping basses, power leads, dark pads, insanely overkill effects, twisted ambiance, and much analogue sounding stuff. I love the extreme & powerful filter of this classic dream machine. Sometimes, the filter can really scream!

The modulation possibilities of this synth are really fantastic – so each sound can be changed by Aftertouch, Bender, Modulation…sometimes really drastically! This set received a great testimonial in the German KEYS Magazine!

Please note: There’s no mp3 demo available. But you can be sure this soundset comes with the usual SOR-Quality!

The Waldorf Microwave is a digital/analog hybrid in which digitally sampled wavetables are processed via analog VCA envelope and VCF sections (filters). The result is a classic, warm, and extremely powerful sound. This cult device sounds simply breathtaking. Hard techno/rave noises and deep basses are his süeciality! He also excels at gentle lead sounds à la Vangelis. The Microwave has a unique personality, and I think the analog sounds it produces sound considerably superior to the digital sounds of its sequel, the Microwave 2. In particular, I think the filters are amazing!

Reviews by Artists & Press

Keys Magazine Germany
Als musikalische Einsatzgebiete kommen hauptsächlich Techno und House, sowie verwandte Stile in Frage. Wer bereits über mehrere Basis-Sets verfügt, kann mit diesem empfehlenswerten Produkt kaum etwas falsch machen.

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