Revolution JP8000/8080 Vol.1

Roland Synthesizer JP 8000 JP 8080 Soundset

29.95 € (incl. VAT)

– 128 sounds
– 64 programms and 64 multis
– suitable for techno, trance & electro
– saved in “.midi”, “.syx” and “.pat” format (= WINJPLIB Dump Programm)

– Synth Presets (Roland JP8000 / 8080)

Revolution JP8000 / 8080 contains: ultrafat tranceleads, dirty house chords, great trance pads, dangerous landscapes, experimental arpeggios, crazy ambient- and effect sounds…much trendy, faaaaat & powerful stuff, full of energy to rock the clubs !
Some awesome sound reproductions of well known artists (e.g. TALLA 2XLC “Eternal Mystery”) are included as well. The variety of the patches is enormous.

Exspecially the performances sound extreme fat & complex ´cause nearly all patches are dual-layers of two single sounds or split sounds ! This means pure fat power!

We avoided clicks in the attack – the typical JP-problem. Every (!) sound can be changed by the modulations (ribbon controller, motion, velocity assign…) – sometimes drastical!

NOTE: Althoug Revolution JP8000 V1 is longest cult – we revised this version completely because of the long awaited V2! So both version fit perfectly together.

You might get addicted to that stuff!

Actually there’s no mp3 demo for Vol.1 available. Please check out the demo of Vol.2 – it’s a similar style. But you can be sure also Revolution JP8000 / 8080 Vol.1 is SOR Quality!

Reviews by Artists & Press

RW Ian Carey 102Ian Carey & Brad Holland
Being fans of classic Roland Gear (but not the factory sounds) Oliver really blew us away with his AMAZING banks. The JD800 has a new lease of life and is now in constant use. The JP8080 banks are hugely addictive with each patch being really relevant and useful, which is very refreshing considering the saturated market of mediocre soft synth patch banks. Congratulations SOUNDS OF REVOLUTION. We can’t wait to hear more… YOU GUYS ROCK!!

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