Revolution JP8000/8080 Vol.2

Roland JP8000 patches

64 sounds
suitable for techno, trance & electro
sorted in categories
available in a special JP8080 version

saved in “.midi”, “.syx” and “.pat” format (= WINJPLIB Dump Programm)

19.95 € (incl. VAT)

The long-awaited Soundset Revolution JP8000/8080 Vol. 2 comes with 64 brand new patches for Electro-/Trance-/Techno-productions.

Containing wonderfully rich analog-sounding patches (Kraftwerk/J.M.Jarre style), fat & crystal clear sparkling tranceleads, luscious warm pads, crazy effect sounds, and lots of trendy, fat & powerful sounds to rock the clubs! As always you won’t find any boring brass/piano/flute patches here! You know what I mean. Some awesome sound reproductions of well-known artists are included as well. The variety of the patches is enormous.

Note: I programmed 2 versions of this set! One JP8000 and a special JP8080 version that uses the new functions of the rack unit like NOISE at OSC 2…it sounds amazing! I really have gone all out to bring you cutting-edge sound programming which gets the max out of this fantastically sound engine! As in V1 I have avoided clicks in the attack – the typical JP-problem. Furthermore, every sound can be altered by modulation (ribbon controller, velocity assign…) – sometimes drastically.

For me, the Roland JP8000/8080 is one of the greatest synths out there! So what are you waiting for? Revolutionize your JP now. Revolution JP8000/8080 Vol.2 is the perfect completion to Vol. 1 which has been completely revised! Only some Emagic Logic Reverb was added to the mp3 demo.

Additional Information:

Using a Roland Analog Modeling sound source that is unique to the industry, the JP-8000 Synthesizer blends the rich, punchy tones of classic analog synthesizers with the adaptability of digital technology and MIDI. The JP-8000 boasts 38 front-panel knobs and sliders for potent real-time control, emulating the iconic Roland analog synthesizers of the past and unleashing a whole new realm of sound possibilities. The clever “Motion Control” function ensures that a fantastic real-time “tweak” is never lost by memorizing all successive slider and knob motions. The JP-8000 is an extremely strong synthesizer for live and studio application because of its “analog” synth features, which include oscillator sync, ring modulation, -12/-24 dB filtering, cross modulation, an assignable ribbon controller, and a potent pitch bend/modulation lever!

Any music that calls for vintage synth tones will benefit greatly from the JP-8000. For synth pop, drum & bass, dance, techno, and more! ATB, Faithless, Ferry Corsten, Paul Van Dyk, Vince Clarke, Prodigy, Groove Armada, Depeche Mode, and many more musicians utilize it.



Reviews by Artists & Press

Dude the SOR patches are fucking spectacular. I didn’t know my JP8000 and Virus could make sounds that good. Honestly, no joke: They are the baddest ass patches I’ve ever heard for those synths. THANK YOU MAN!

RW Ian Green 102Ian Green:
I need top sounds for my projects and Ollie´s soundsets deliver just that. I love the JP8000 sets as they have a fat rich darkness to the tones which most plug ins can´t deliver. I also love the ES2 set for Logic Audio. All very useable and bang on the pulse for the sound of tomorrow! I need all the best sounds I can get my hands on. Loving the SOR sounds!

RW Ian Carey 102Ian Carey & Brad Holland
Being fans of classic Roland Gear (but not the factory sounds) Oliver really blew us away with his AMAZING banks. The JD800 has a new lease of life and is now in constant use. The JP8080 banks are hugely addictive with each patch being really relevant and useful, which is very refreshing considering the saturated market of mediocre soft synth patch banks. Congratulations SOUNDS OF REVOLUTION. We can’t wait to hear more… YOU GUYS ROCK!

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