Revolution Nordlead 3

Nordlead 3 presets

128 Nordlead 3 presets
suitable for trance, house, electro
sorted into categories
saved in “.midi” and “.sys” format

Synth Patches for Clavia Nordlead/Nordrack 3

29.95 € (incl. VAT)

Revolution Nordlead 3 contains 128 unique presets for the dream machine Clavia Nordlead 3. It comes with powerful and complex pads (Jean-Michel Jarre – style), striking FM patches, dirty Tranceleads (the Chord-Stack and Unison function sounds fantastic – sometimes like the great supersaw of the JP8000) crazy arpeggios, pumping Basses, lots of trendy stuff full of energy and no dull boring brass, keys stuff here!

I put an eye to the great variety of modulation possibilities. So all Nordlead 3 presets change using the Modwheel, and Velocity (sometimes with devastating cone shaking effect). The new OS 1.20 features were used. All sounds are sorted into categories.

This dream machine still sounds fresh and expensive. For me, the Nordlead 3 is one of the best synths you can buy. Since the Nord lead 3 has no internal effects (the “phaser” you hear in the demo comes from the Nordlead 3 itself – just for your information). I added Logic Delay and some Logic Platinum Hall in the production of the mp3 demo. No external EQ/compressors or any other fx were used.

That’s what excited me about Nordlead 3

  • maintains the distinctive Nord tones while adding even more sonic versatility
  • subtractive virtual analogue and FM synthesis ability
  • An intuitive and simple-to-edit interface
  • MIDI-transmittable synthesis parameters are available
  • Responsive keyboard with 49 keys, attack velocity‑ and channel aftertouch‑sensitive
  • It simply looks fantastic, particularly with the practical LED collars
  • OS that is upgradeable by the user
  • Programs 1024 (8×128) and Performances 256 (2×128)
  • Polyphony 24 voices – Multitimbrality four‑part

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