Revolution Quasar

quasar presets

100 Synth Patches
suitable for trance, house & electro
uses T.R.E and Hardcore modul

Synth Presets (Quasimidi Quasar)

19.95 € (incl. VAT)

This soundsets contains 100 Sounds for Ambient, Dance, Trance and Techno productions. It offers many early analogue fx , unique leads, club sounds, like pumpin´ basses and lots of technoid material. There are amazing textures and extraordenary arpeggios with the use of the great sound-rotate-function. Some sounds use the T.R.E. and the Hardcore modul. If you ´got a Quasar without that modules, some patches sound a little bit different because of some missing waveforms. But most of the stuff is running as well.

Unbelieveable how fresh & trendy this little machine can sound!

Please note: Actually there’s no mp3 demo available. But you can be sure this soundset comes with the usual SOR-Quality!

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