Best Sound Design VST Plugins

I’m always looking for new, creative ways to produce unique samples. This is my current list (updated regularly) of the Best Sound Design VST Plugins.

Best Reverb Plugins

The joy of experimenting always has the highest priority when creating the sample packs of Sounds of Revolution. This is my current list of the Best Reverb Plugins.

The Best LoFi Plugins

These are my favourite Lo-Fi effect plugins for sound design. They are great for adding some dirt to your production, giving your sound a unique shape.

How to Tune Drum Samples

This subject is underestimated by many. Here are some production techniques that will improve the quality of your mixes. Tuning Drums has a massive impact on the feel and groove of your tracks.

Music Production Mixing Tips

Becoming an accomplished music producer is a process that can often take years. There are many ways to improve your own music production. Mixing music takes both technical skill and creativity to [...]

Beat Programming

A big passion of mine is drum loop/beat programming which is also a focus of my sample packs. I have compiled a few techniques below >>> Update 1.Oct.2020

Produce music creatively

I have compiled basic things/considerations on how to produce music creatively.  Some of the following things that are actually taken for granted and yet are often forgotten.

Perfect volume to mix music

To be able to judge a mix well, you need fresh ears that you can rely on. Therefore, the ear should not tire too quickly. To prevent this from happening, you should follow a few rules for the [...]