Best Distortion Plugins

These Plugins offer saturation to thicken, add warmth, draw pieces out of the mix, and create signature sounds. You may turn regular sounds into something utterly fresh and weird using some of [...]

Best Creative Filter Plugins

Creative Filter plugins are my preferred tools for sound shaping. A filter with extreme modulation can be thought of as an EQ on steroids. Because of this, you can use filters more creatively [...]

Beat Programming

I've produced thousands of drum loops under my label Sounds of Revolution (SOR). It's just my biggest passion and the main theme of my sample packs. I find it crucial that my samples sound [...]

Best smart Mixing and Mastering Plugins

When you hear the terms "smart" or "intelligent" plugins, they're referring to a group of technologies that combine forensic audio analysis, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. These [...]

Best Reverb Plugins

The joy of experimenting always has the highest priority when creating the sample packs of Sounds of Revolution. This is my current list of the Best Reverb Plugins.

Best Multi FX Plugins

A Multi FX plugin works much like an instrument rather than an ordinary signal processing plug-in. By combining various effects, you may increase both the creative and operational options. These [...]

Best Studio Monitors

Investing in the best studio monitors is a surefire way to significantly enhance your ability to create music, samples, synth patches, etc.

Best Granular Plugins

For me one of the most intriguing methods for developing new sonic textures is granular synthesis. It’s a unique method and an invaluable tool for sound design.

Best Sound Design VST Plugins

I’m always looking for new, creative ways to produce unique samples. Hundreds of VST Plugins are installed on my audio system and the number is constantly increasing. This is my current list [...]

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