Vintage Movie Vocals Bundle

old radio vocals

2,5 GB Content
2011 Movie Vocals in total
1828 Vocal Phrases
183 Vintage FX Samples
100% Mono compatible
EXS24 & Kontakt Sampler Patches

24-bit WAV Stereo

52,95 € (incl. VAT) / Regular Price: 74,85 €

Welcome to the Resonance Sound Vintage Movie Vocals Bundle – over 2000 vintage vocals and sfx samples in pristine quality and perfect stereo (100% mono compatible!) – suitable for all EDM related music genres for a tasty price of 29% discount compared to the single packages!


Old Time Radio Spoken Vocals

Vintage Movie Vocals Vol.3
With Vintage Movie Vocals 3 just arrived, this easily becomes true for your next EDM tune – don’t we all know that a famous movie quote often tells a far better story than the movie itself! So get up and ready, fire up not only your chimney but also your DAW and add just the special spice to your dancefloor smasher! 465 vocal phrases and 40 effects have been beautifully wrapped by the studio heroes of Resonance Sound, containing movie vocals polished in a very vintage way, using the latest armory of professional sound design. Experience how some charming, charismatic phrases make your new tune shine brightly – no matter whether you’re into Minimal, Deep House, Dubstep, Trance or something else EDM.

Old Time Radio Vocals

Vintage Movie Vocals Vol.2
Movies & Music – so many people will agree they make an awesome couple. Reshaping the use of vocals in music production since Vintage Movie Vocals 1, Resonance Sound got ready for delivering the next treat: Vintage Movie Vocals 2 might be just the perfect (pre-) christmas gift to get you all creative over the holidays! No matter whether you wanna spice up your kick-ass dubsteb track, add a mysterious touch to an epic trance break or mangle voices like crazy and come up with something dancefloor’s never heard before – get ready to (re-) discover your love for movie dialogs, processed with the latest professional armory of Resonance Sound Studios!

Fire up your DAW and get going – and you might not wanna miss out on our carefully arranged audio demo with some serious inspiration in there. Houston, we definitely don’t have a problem!

sample pack rare radio vocals

Vintage Movie Vocals Vol.1

Aaaaand action! With “Vintage Movie Vocals”, Resonance Sound brings you a premium collection of beautiful, remarkable movie phrases and effects. Carefully processed to give you crystal clear and perfect-stereo sound (100% mono compatible).

You`ll be amazed when adding these samples on top of your next production. 751 vocal prhases and 82 sound effects can do what`s shown in the demo below – and just so much more! Aaaand cut! Get it!



Reviews by Artists & Press about the Bundle

RW Keys 102Keys Magazine:
[…] Den besonderen Reiz macht die authentisch wirkende Patina aus. […] Eine eingeschränkte Übertragunsgqualität, die an Kurz-, Mittel- und Langwellensender erinnert, garniert mit Rauschen, Unsauberkeiten wie atmosphärischen Störungen, Knistern und Verzerrungen, katapultiert den Hörer Jahrzehnte zurück und lässt den Charme alter Sendungen wieder auferstehen. Auch Neben- und Hintergrundgeräusche, die zur Sendung selbst gehören, sind mit dabei. Ungeachtet dessen sind die Stimmen und ihre Botschaften danke gefühlvoller Restauration verständlich. Die einzelnen Ausschnitte wurden sinnvoll zusammengestellt, sodass sie auch in einem musikalischen Kontext zu längeren Passagen kombiniert werden können. […] einzigartige Sammlung aus Mitschnitten alter Radio Shows […] Hohe Authenzität Rating: 3/3

Reviews by Artists & Press about Vol.1

Music Producer at Cutline / Halflight United KingdomCutline:
As the vintage Ronseal advert says “it does what it says on the tin.” Here Resonance Sound give you a chunky pack filled with vintage movie samples that instantly conjour up the golden era of the big screen and will add some instant old skool sampler style sheen to your tunes. We’ve already found a space for one of these sample in a track and there’s loads of usable bits in here for all kinds of genres. Great stuff! Rating: 10/10

Greek Techno ProducerAxel Karakasis:
Vintage Movie Vocals is a nice pack of phrases and catchy sounds to add extra edginess and a twist to any electronic music production.
A touch of cinematic wittiness that can give bonus points and transform tracks with finer details.
Rating: 8/10

Sound On Sound:
In summary, this is a great product that seems well worth the asking price, and if you find you want more of the same, volumes 2 and 3 are available too. Rating: 4/5

German Print Magazine for MusiciansBeat Magazine Germany:
Wer jedoch genau jeen Siebzigerjahre-Touch sucht, erhält eine Menge durchsetzungsfähiges und originelles Material. Rating: 4.0/6

Dogde & Fuski:
Some solid stuff here. Bit pot luck what you find but some cool quotes. Definitely usable in a commercial capacity! Rating: 7/10

Reviews by Artists & Press about Vol.2

Hip Hop Producer and DJKeith Shocklee:
Vintage Movie Vocals 2 by Resonance Sound brings you the madness to your method. Dj’s and producers will know exactly what to do with this pack. So have fun and create great skits! Rating: 10/10

An arsenal is essential to enrich your Dubstep productions, Trap, Electro, Progressive, House and Trance with exciting dialogues and vocals particular, all divided into folders to facilitate your research. All samples were carefully elaborated in studies of Resonance Sound, cut, edited and cleaned to be used in any musical context.

Music BlogSoundbytes Magazine:
But the samples themselves were cleaned up in Resonance Sound’s high-end studio, edited and mastered to give you that production-ready sound. What I like about this pack is the variety of vocal phrases it offers – it’s really great for spicing up breaks and drops in a song. If your arrangement is lacking something in the vocal phrases department, Vintage Movie Vocals definitely has the samples that can take your track to the next level.

Musician from PortlandOhmlab Music:
All of that plus a perfect 5 star rating from the customers who have already grabbed it and a couple of big thumbs up from OhmLab! All samples fall under a Creative Commons license and you can easily make them work in any kind of modern music production, from Dubstep and Dn’B to ambient electronica and techno

Reviews by Artists & Press about Vol.3

Music Producer from Los Angeles USAJason Nevins:
Nice collection of old movie dialog which could be useful for the right situation. The way to make these work would probably be best cut up and edited to make interesting sayings. The quality is quite good and sounds like they ran the audio through processing to make it more interesting. Rating: 8/10

Hip Hop Producer and DJKeith Shocklee:
What a splendid idea! Juxtaposing movie quotes to EDM beats to add intrigue. This is great mix for those with a more film or literary bent, and film vocals are perfect for introductions or interludes to songs. The quotes are delivered expressively and are mixed well to have that vintage feel. The only catch is that the subject matter could be a little more varied; many of the quotes reference music in some way. Rating: 8/10

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