Revolution JD800/990 Bundle

Synth Patches for Roland JD800 JD990

192 JD 800 patches
also available for JD 990 users

*.mid and *.syx format

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Welcome to the mighty SOR Revolution JD800/990 Bundle – your chance to get 192 (Vol.1-3) unique JD 800 patches for the cult synthesizer Roland JD800/990.

Expect deep, moody, and melodic JD800 presets, featuring an epic analogue touch, custom-built for ambient, electronica, trance, deep house or other EDM-related styles. The JD800/990 bundle is packed with slowly evolving soundscapes, dark tones, twisted ambiences, galactic textures, many classic/retro patches, technoid material, incredible dream/trance/ambient pads (you def. never heard before), analogue-style basses & keys, house chords, unique leads and so much more.

Even after all those years this Roland machine still sounds fantastic! If you like Jean-Michel Jarre, too, there is no alternative.

The Roland JD800 is still among the most potent and fascinating synthesizers I’ve ever used. It served as a precursor to the current craze for virtual analog synthesizers in some ways. More so in terms of the incredibly useful programming interface than in terms of sound. It still sounds incredibly modern even though it was released in 1991. It first appeared when manufacturers of synthesizers were attempting to reduce the number of physical controls on the synthesizer to a data entry wheel and a few buttons to navigate through a small menu. With the JD800, Roland adopted an entirely different strategy and used a large number of buttons and sliders, which were summarized and prominently displayed in the pertinent sections.

NOTE: JD990 users can order the JD800 Trilogy as well, as we converted each soundset in den JD990 format (*.MIDI)! The demo track includes patches of Revolution JD800/990 Vol.1-3.

If you need help with installation, please visit my distributor’s Help Center.

What's in the Bundle?

Presets for Hardware Synth Roland JD800 JD990
Synth Presets for Roland JD800 JD990
Patches for Hardware Synth Roland JD800 JD990


Reviews by Artists & Press

Ian Carey & Brad Holland
Being fans of classic Roland Gear (but not the factory sounds) Oliver really blew us away with his AMAZING banks. The JD800 has a new lease of life and is now in constant use. The JP8080 banks are hugely addictive with each patch being really relevant and useful, which is very refreshing considering the saturated market of mediocre soft synth patch banks. Congratulations Resonance sound. we can’t wait to hear more… YOU GUYS ROCK!!

RW Amazona
Warm und analog klingende Pads bis zu Retro und FX-Sounds, 303 Emulationen und Danceleads, verschiedene Arpeggiosounds. Das Repertoir ist sehr gut gemischt und die Sounds klingen nie billig. Von dezent bis druckvoll und gelegentlich auch mal bissig kommen die Sounds rüber, jedoch niemals unangenehm. Sie laden oft ein, etwas zu verweilen und spontan damit zu spielen. Der ein oder andere Sound wird einem vielleicht bekannt vorkommen, aber es gibt auch sehr viele Nuancen, die ich aus dem JD800 so noch nicht gehört habe. Besonders die Pads und der ein oder andere Retro-Sound haben mich auch etwas beeindruckt. Von den internen Effekten wurde meist Gebrauch gemacht, was dem JD800 und den Sounds zum Teil den eigenen Charakter verleiht.Die Bänke sind nicht nach Sound-Typen sortiert und auch innerhalb der Bänke liegen die Sounds thematisch nicht in Reihenfolge vor. In jeder Bank sind also alle Soundkategorien vorhanden. Da man die JD800-Bänke auch einzeln erwerben kann, erhält man so immer von jedem etwas. Die Patches benutzen übrigens ausschließlich die internen Wellenformen.

RW Keys
Die Roland JD800 Serie des Programmieres Oliver Schmitt besticht vor allem durch ihren elektronischen Purismus. Hier findet sich Material für jeden Frequenz- und Härtebereich.

RW Jam El Mar 102Jam El Mar
SOR is a must for any electronic musician. Their versatile and fast applicable sounds fit excellent to any playback. The JD800 sounds are perfect for styles like trance. The sounds of SOR belong to my fixed sound repertoire.

RW Torsten Strenzel 102Torsten Strenzel
My first contact with SOR was through their famous JD800 trilogy with its unbelievable atmospheres and complex modulation pads.Today I use most of their sets in my productions. Sound programming could not be better – awesome!

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