Revolution Virus C/TI Vol.2

Access Virus Patches

128 sounds
Suitable for trance, house, electro and ambient
Sorted in categories
3 softknob assignments for every patch

Synth Presets (Access Virus C/TI or later model)

29.95 € (incl. VAT)

Finally, the eagerly awaited SOR Revolution Virus C/TI Vol. 2, possibly the most well-known Virus C/TI soundset, is here! We went deep into the virus’s core for the second part to deliver 128 patches of original sound design that deviate greatly from the “standard” products available. It has a ton of experimental and completely bizarre arpeggios, dark ambient sounds, amazing biting leads, trance pads, delightfully analog-sounding patches (Kraftwerk style), deep and complex sound patterns to lose yourself in, and a lot of other stuff you haven’t heard before! Without any dull piano, brass, or flute patches, as usual!

All patches are sorted in categories & make heavy use of Modwheel/Filters and Soft Knob. This set is primarily programmed and optimized for Virus C/TI Models (Moog Filters, EQ…). But Virus A/B users should not miss out on this magical soundsest! You can use it too. Only some patches sound a little bit different, because of some missing functions. But Virus A/B users who don´t know the Virus C features will not even miss them.

Get “infected” with the long-awaited Vol.2 and check out the mp3 demos – no external effects were used! – Just Virus pure.


Reviews by Artists & Press

RW Thrillseekers 102The Thrillseekers
These sound banks have given me bags of inspiration, so huge thanks for your incredible work on these. Without doubt some of the best and most detailed patches I’ve heard from my Virus and JP. Even Vanguard sounds amazing with your banks loaded up. In fact, I’m using two of your patches on a track right now. Highly recommended!

RW Beat 102Beat Magazine Germany
Das ?Virus C/TI Soundset V2? aus dem Hause ?Sounds of Revolution? bietet kraftvolle Trance- Leads, knackige Bässe, sphärische Flächen und Drones, interessante Arpeggios und abgefahrene Effektklänge für die virtuell-analogen Synthesizer Access Virus C und TI. Dabei erwarten den Virus-Besitzer 128 aufwändig programmierte Klänge mit interessanten Modulationen. Fans von Trance-, Future-Pop-, Techno- aber auch Ambient-Klängen kommen bei diesem Set voll auf ihre Kosten. Highlights sind die edel klingenden Arpeggios und Pads. Rating: 5/6

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